KL w family!

Hello fwens.

I know it’s been a long time since I updated (okay not really that long but it seems like it’s been awhile). The highlight of the past few days since my last update was my family’s short trip to KL! It was really a short trip, like Saturday – Monday. But we still managed to accomplish what we wanted to do! Which was to shop teehee. I wanted to go Sunway Lagoon at first but in the end I realised it was kinda like a one-sided thing on my part and that my brother wasn’t really that keen on it. Also realised that we didn’t have much time to shop so if we went to Sunway Lagoon shopping time would be drastically decreased. So yup my plans for Sunway Lagoon became shopping time woohoo.


Nothing much happened today. Because the bus took about 6h to reach our destination and we set off quite late in the morning, it was late late afternoon when we reached our hotel so the only thing we could do was to eat dinner. AND WOW WHAT A DINNER. It was really good omg. We ordered such a spread hahaha. There was bak kut teh, steamed fish, tofu, veggie … I cannot remember haha. But it was ALL SO GOOOOOOOD. And it marked the start of the fattening days. Actually no. The buffet we went to on 20 Dec at Swiss Cafe marked the start of fattening days. DAYS WHEN YOU’RE SO FULL YOU CANNOT MOVE AND THAT ONE MEAL CAN ACTUALLY LAST FOR ONE WHOLE DAY BUT YET YOU STILL EAT FOR THE SAKE OF EATING. That is a fattening day.

After dinner we bought some desserts and went back to the hotel that’s all.


Had breakfast in the hotel omg I loveeeeeed it. Yummy yummy breakfast foods and such a wide selection. Yay breakfast it’s one of my favourite meals of the day. So is lunch. And dinner. HOHO. HAHAHHA OMG I’M RLY A FATGIRL93 D:

After that we lazed around in the hotel for awhile and then went shopping yay. We really just spent the entire day in the shopping centre hahaha until it was around dinner time then we took a cab and went to um Chinatown and walked through it and then WENT TO A ROADSIDE STALL FOR DINNER EH OMG SO EXCITING YKNW. It was like mega authentic. The chopsticks were dirty, it was rather dim, small table, chairs that look almost as old as me… AUTHENTIC. The food was um okay I guess. Not bad hahaha. BUT THE BEST PART WAS THE DURIANS. So super yummy for some reason they tasted different from the ones back home and yknw IT’S JUST SOMETHING SO REAL ABOUT EATING SO DIRTILY.

Yeah so it was an exciting moment. The first time in my 19 years eating at a roadside stall woohoo go me.

Walked back to our hotel. ANOTHER EXCITING MOMENT. Because the traffic was MAD. And we weren’t exactly sure of where we were going. We just headed in the general direction of our hotel AND WE WALKED ALONGSIDE CARS. And motorcycles. SO NOISY. They kept tooting their horn because there was a terrible traffic jam going on. THERE IS NO USE TOOTING THE HORN. None of the cars could move anyway. Oh we also crossed the road in rather dangerous ways like THE CARS WERE ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM AND WE HAD TO DASH ACROSS THE ROAD. Way too much excitement HAHA.

I’m sure you’re glad to know that we all made it safely back to the hotel. It was the most exercise we got in our entire trip hahaha.


Was supposed to be the day I got to take the rollercoaster in Times Square the shopping mall not the NYC one I wish it was the NYC one also. Unfortunately we realised that it was not worth it because the attractions in the theme park (lol so puny also can be theme park) didn’t really attract us. The only thing we wanted to do was take the rollercoaster. So it was like paying S$20 for the rollercoaster. NOT WORTH IT. So I sadly pushed the notion of taking the rollercoaster to the back of my mind sigh. Must faster take rollercoasters before this daredevil!me disappears.

Shopping today was the most fruitful tho. My sis and I got three shoes (two pairs of sandals and one pair of wedges) for around S$50 which is really really cheap IMO. IT WAS OUR BEST BUY. Actually maybe not haha because I managed to get three bottles of The Face Shop nail polishes for RM12 which is also crazily cheap woohoo.

We had a late lunch (PONTIAN NOODLES HAHAHA SRSLY) and then it was time to go home. I was really like urghhh at the thought of taking the bus back home because it was a terrible ride there.

BUT WE HAD A DIFFERENT BUS DRIVER THIS TIME THIS BUS DRIVER OMG TRAINING TO BE F1 DRIVER OR SOMETHING. Drove super fast and zoooooooomed all the way back we reached Singapore in record time hahaha. Around an hour before our estimated arrival time I think. It also helped that we were not held up at the immigration checkpoints.


All in all I find the trip to be rather exciting full of new experiences and good food and a way too satisfied tummy. Happy! ^^

KL w family!

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