Weekends are for family

As usual haha. My weekends are almost always solely spent on family.

Saturday I went for a ballet in the evening w my mum! Singapore Dance Theatre’s Sleeping Beauty mm. It was also a good excuse to dress up a little haha I haven’t dressed up in such a long time D: The ballet was not bad! I liked the last Act when all the characters had their solos and the cat pair was especially humourous ^^ But tbh I prefer Swan Lake (also put up by SDT) which I watched earlier in the year. Idk I guess I found it more interesting. The storyline for Sleeping Beauty is kind of limited haha.

Sigh I so wanna be the one performing but I know for sure my standard is nowhere even on the skirts of that level. At least I’m improving.. I hope. Gotta work on my stamina and my flexibility in the coming year! Really hope my ballet school puts up a performance and that I get selected for some fun item. Not sure about my ability to handle an item on pointe. WHICH IS TERRIBLE. Hence I resolve to do something about my pointe work in 2013.

Sunday my daddy drove us to Jalan Kayu to eat prata! I thought it’d be really good but it turned out to be quite quite average. Disappointed D: The prata at Sin Ming is much better IMO. Cheaper also I think. SUCH A SCAM. Oh but we discovered a lot of other more interesting looking breakfast places there so I’m guessing we’ll be back to eat the prawn mee there yumz.

After eating all of us went home and slept. FAMILY OF PIGS WE ARE HAHAHA. I wanted to go for aerobics (and surprise raroro) at first but then.. I overslept oopsie daisy. So I just watched my drama at home YAY. That’s how I managed to finish it so quickly ~

Then it was tang yuan timeeee. Not exactly sure what the┬áoccasion is┬ábut we get to eat┬átang yuan.┬áSet off to my ah ma’s house where I discovered that I have the same┬ásense of humour as my┬ánearing 80 year old grandmother HAHA. Obviously┬ámy great sense of humour was┬áinherited, it must be a family thing.

Dinner time was slightlyyy awkward. At dinners for my extended family, there is a table for adults and a table for kids (which is me and my siblings and my cousins). But now the cousins are growing up, working, buying houses, getting married etc etc. I do have cousins who are around my age but they weren’t around D: And my brother wasn’t there because he was attending a band concert! So there was like an invisible line. My sister and I | the rest of the table. ­čśŽ But there was a lull in their conversation so I grabbed the opportunity to ask one of my cousins if she was going to watch A Werewolf Boy. THEN SHE REVEALED SOMETHING SO SHOCKING TO ME I IMMEDIATELY WENT INTO FANGIRL MODE X10000 AT THE TABLE HAHAHA. My cousins were really quite surprised I think.

After dinner we just sat around not really doing much.

Yup that’s all. As family gatherings go this would be.. quite the typical slightly more boring ones. Usually it’s more entertaining sigh. I hope it’s not because they’ve boyfriends/ are getting married. Next gathering would be my grandmother’s birthday in Jan! Excitedddd. But I’ll be going there straight from ballet D: PICTURES WON’T BE NICE. Oh wellz.

Weekends are for family

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