A Werewolf Boy (Round 2)

Tuesday 18 Dec I had a driving lesson at 9am! WHICH IS TOO EARLY REALLY 9AM DRIVING LESSONS ARE NOT GOOD IF YOU DON’T SLEEP EARLY. Couldn’t sleep the night before because I was too excited about the next day.

No, actually it was because Korean words kept playing in my head. Yknw how sometimes songs get stuck in your head when you’re trying to sleep and it thus stops you from sleeping? (GET IT OUT GET IT OUT HAHAHA) This was a similar case just that it wasn’t songs but random Korean phrases/words.

Driving unexpectedly ended an hour early. My driving instructor likes to do that to me. I’ll drive to outside CDC then he’ll be like okay just stop behind that car then ooh lesson ends. Problem is that he asks me to note it down as a 2 hour lesson and says ‘oh but it might be one hour also’ grr. Most annoying because it doesn’t allow me to plan my time properly. So that Tuesday I was an hour too early to meet my um childhood friend. If friends when you were 7 years old are counted as childhood friends then yeah he’s my childhood friend.

Actually Shaun is more like my long lost friend. We were classmates in P1 then I saw that he broke his arm in P2 (HAHA RLY THIS IS LIKE THE EARLIEST MEMORY I HAVE OF HIM) and never spoke after that. Then we were friends in P5-6 because we were in the same class. Then we kept in contact till about halfway through Sec 2..? Then we stopped keeping in contact and spoke occasionally (i.e. during my/his birthday). Then some time in Sept this year we started talking again! So I’m v happy to find my old friend again. Currently he holds the title of being the friend I’ve known the longest (and am still in contact with)!

Anyway I decided to settle down at Nex to write his birthday card and the timing was justttt nice because I finished when he reached the MRT. I really wanna stay near an MRT station too omg. (See: PJ and Shaun) ALL SO LUCKYYY. And we proceeded to Vivocityyyyy.

Because the agenda of the day was to watch


Teehee. So happy omg I was really v happy x2 because I could watch Joong Ki again (and meet Shaun um also happy la hahaha).

Bought the tickets and we had a long moment of indecision because SOMEBODY cannot decide. So we ate at Asian Kitchen -.- Hahaha not complaining, I don’t mind it. The zha jiang mian is good stuff I like. I think I’ve ate it like three out of the four times I’ve been there this year. Once w raroro, once w PJ, once w raroro and PJ and once w Shaun. As you can tell, my circle of friends is like, radius of 1cm.

Then after that we went to the rooftop to sit and chat it was really nice tho. Initially I was kinda worried that it’d be awkward meeting him since we haven’t really hung out before but it turned out to be more than okay.

AFTER THAT WAS MOVIE TIME MOVIE TIME THE MOVIE WAS SAD AND FUNNY THE SECOND TIME ROUND TOO. But I didn’t cry this time and I was slightly less frightened because I could anticipate the scary parts. This time I could also appreciate the funny scenes more hahaha it’s really SUPER DUPER DUPER funny how can it make someone laugh and cry in the span of.. a movie. LIKE SWING SWING SWING EH EMOTIONS. Joong Ki is really such an awesome actor. Park Bo Young also!! Like I said before haha. HE DOESN’T EVEN NEED TO SPEAK. Truly a man of few words. SUCH CHARISMA ~~ Hahaha I was really like sigh~~ so handsome at most of the close up shots of his face.

Went to Hagen Dazs after that because Shaun had vouchers yay to vouchers and to ice creammm. It was yummy.

We went our separate ways after that! I met Hazel for Jazz FUNk which was quite.. fun haha did you geddit. Then we went home and on the way she v nicely accompanied me to buy beancurd for my beloved siblings who didn’t want to pay me back ($7.20) so I have to claim from my parents because I’m a poor student. HAHA.

Oh I almost forgot. I was v touched by Hazel that day!! Because I didn’t reply her for awhile (I usually don’t hahaha oops) and wasn’t seen on Whatsapp she got quite worried and even BBM-ed my sissy to check if all was fine. I could really feel how anxious she was omg I felt quite bad. SORRY FOR WORRYING YOU HAZEL WAZEL I LOVE YOU MUCHHHHH. Yeah I was q touched by her concern 🙂 🙂

All in all, 18 Dec was a really good day. On the scale of 1 to Song Joong Ki, it’s probably a Song. HAHAHAHA OMG. Can’t believe I just did that.

A Werewolf Boy (Round 2)

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