Reply 1997

Sooooooooooo I just finished watching Reply 1997 today 🙂 I really enjoyed the drama and all the emotions and the music and the humour and the goat sound effects and the characters… EVERYTHING.

Hahaha as you can probably tell, it’s one of my favourite dramas of the year. Which doesn’t really say much because I haven’t watched many dramas this year. Most of the dramas I watched were TVB dramas because my family watches it on TV and I get sucked in haha. It’s a BLACK HOLE I tell you.

Not much to add on about Reply 1997 because I think my rather extreme fangirl post earlier on covered pretty much everything. Just.. watch the drama!! Haha the voice-overs/narration are quite insightful as well.

Loving someone is a good thing so it’s okay to be like this. There isn’t a tragic drama in my life, but there’s a familiarity, like an old sweater. And if it gets tired, there’s an excitement to open it again.


I really hope I find a love like that. Something that isn’t all passion and sweet nothings. I want the familiarity, the feeling that you can do anything in front of your other half and he won’t judge you (i.e. be a fangirl hahaha). I want somebody who would be able to accept all my nonsense, and maybe scold me a little for going overboard but understand that if I don’t occasionally go overboard, I wouldn’t really be myself. I want to be surprised, at myself, at my other half, at our relationship. I want to find out new things every so often and be delighted at the little things.

Idk haha I want a lot of things but at the same time I guess I wouldn’t exactly want a drama perfect boyfriend. It’s nice to watch but I realise that sometimes it’s only nice to watch but reality might be q different.

The drama talked a lot about first loves and I find that really quite sweet. It’s always been a not-so-secret longing of mine to have a childhood friend that I’m always with and then we slowly fall in love and yknw. Hahaha that’s why I enjoyed Reply 1997 so much also I think. Also the reason why I liked Jodi Picoult’s The Pact (even tho it was quite tragic). But it’s not rly possible for me since I don’t exactly have a childhood friend -.-

Oh oh one of my favourite scenes (obv other than the scene where Yoon Jae confessed to Shi Won FINALLY which was incredibly heartbreaking and omg nuuuuuuu) is the part when Yoon Jae narrates how he fell in love w her. I like that it was a simple moment, just her putting on her contact lenses and he finally realises that she’s pretty. I’m guessing that the feelings have been building up for some time but it took a change in her appearance to really.. get him to notice. I choose not to think that it’s superficial hahaha. But yeah when I was watching the scene I was really like awwwwwwwww omg I want hahaha. SO CUTE.

So many scenes that I enjoyed in the drama really.

Also I liked that the drama isn’t too long. Just long enough to capture my attention and tell the story and not overly draggy. Wheeeee gooddrama it is.



Reply 1997

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