A Werewolf Boy!! :D

Just watched A Werewolf Boy w raroro and PJ and we were all so blown away by.. EVERYTHING. The plot, their acting skillz, THE EMOTION, the handsomeness of Joong Ki… hahahaha you get the idea.

But it was really a good movie. At first I was worried that it’d be a tearjerker, or a melodrama like movie. Which I don’t like as I explained earlier. As it turns out, the movie was really entertaining, it was sad without being draggy and believable (except the last part). I guess I didn’t really mind suspending my disbelief because I was so swept up with the emotion in the penultimate scene (seriously, that line crossed my mind during the movie haha oh my). The only scene I had issues with was the last scene tho. But the rest of the movie was amazingggg. I laughed and cried w Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young. Don’t understand why her name isn’t on the movie poster because I think she did a really good job. HOW COULD SHE HAVE SLAPPED JOONGKI RIGHT. It must have taken a lot from her sigh.

The starting of the movie was quite scary though. Which scared me also because I was worried that the movie would be continuing on that line. But moved (quite seamlessly) from kinda scary to funny to omg no please don’t. HAHA. You’ll understand when you watch it. WHEN you watch it because it’s really that good of a movie.

When I watch it AGAIN teehee which I hope I’m fortunate enough to. I just argh. So many happy movie/drama-induced feelings in me now.

Off to watch Reply 1997 teehee.

And I wanna watch Joong Ki’s other movies! Actually only Penny Pinchers where he has a lead role. Mmm still haven’t gotten far w SungKyunKwan Scandal because it’s those period dramas. I can’t help but smile when I see him onscreen in SKK Scandal 🙂 Nice Guy is still.. under consideration hahaha.

A Werewolf Boy!! :D

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