One day ST came to my house

Okay now the title makes sense because of the previous post yay.

ST and I arranged to have breakfast together w bad!Hazel at the Hans near her house in the morning because today is dismount daaaaaay! 😀 I was late but at least I appeared. Unlike a certain somebody (bad!Hazel).

HANS BREAKFAST IS AWESOME. It’s a taste from my childhood mmm~ Because ballet used to be at 9.30am on Saturday so my family would go to Hans at Thomson Plaza for breakfast before my class. My favourite ice lemon tea from there yumz. Even now I occasionally buy the ice lemon tea from there after ballet. It’s really v nice. Anyway I decided to be adventurous today and bought scrambled eggs w ham instead of my usual ham omelette woohoo yay me. It was GOOD. Hahaha I really love Hans breakfast.

The company (one person only becos yknw.. bad!Hazel) was good too ^^ I haven’t hung out w ST one on one just chatting over a meal for a long time. We’re usually distracted by something or another. Actually idk what we talked about also HAHA. Nothing deep and meaningful tho, at least, not in the a emotional sense. I think we just talked about shows and what we were going to do later on and ooh bad!Hazel. But still, it’s nice! 😀 Comforting to know that we still can be like that even though we no longer see each other daily. 😀 Going to NJ w ST has been one of my wiser decisions.

Breakfast over so he went home to Yishun and I went home to my home. AND I WALKED HOMEEEEE. No not from Hans. From the Flame Tree condo which is.. about three stops from my house? FIRST TIME I DID THAT OKAY. Only because I was too lazy to stop walking (because inertia) and I didn’t want to wait for the bus. Also slightly because I felt sort of guilty for indulging in so much food for the past few days. So I walked home woohoo so proud of myself.

Then I went home to watch YouTube videos HAHA. My favourite activity. In my defense, I was preparing to show ST videos so it’s okay.

Finally ST came (just before the rain got heavier)! And we watched funny videos. Ate lunch.


Which brings me to the main point of this post. Yes, this entire post was actually just to blog about the drama. HAHA. Warning: It might get incoherent from here onwards. Currently I have.. sort of finished the drama. As in I’ve read all the episode recaps but I’ve actually only finished five episodes of the drama.

It’s been really long since I’ve properly watched a drama (not counting the HK drama on channel 855) because I usually get quite impatient with it. It gets draggy or I get bored or it gets too political (all the drama in the drama omg I cannot take it). I’m the kind of person who likes something light-hearted and funny. So once the drama takes a turn into Winter Sonata-ville I usually run far away. More often than not, I read all the episode recaps and lose interest in the drama (SHUT UP ST) because since I already know the story there isn’t really a need for me to watch the whole thing play out in a more draggy form.

I’ve recently moved on to reality shows because they’re fast and funny. OMS and Running Man and Hellllooooo Baby! But I’ve gotten slightly bored of the first two already oops :X I realise my attention span is quite short. Was a bit lazy to start on Reply 1997 but since ST wanted to watch it too we decided to watch it together. Oh yes, in case you were wondering, I HAVE read the recaps for Reply 1997 before starting on the drama. But the names got too confusing for me and I couldn’t remember which name referred to the girl and which was a guy -.-

ANYWAY OKAY THE DRAMA IS REALLY REALLY GOOD I LIKE IT SO MUCH. it’s been so long since my heart has felt so much urghhhhh clenching and unclenching do you know that kind of feeling like when all the emotion is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZED out of your heart. haha I actually like that kind of feeling. but anyway THIS IS WHY I WATCH DRAMAS AND WATCH FANFICS. because of that feeling and REPLY 1997 HAS SO MUCH OF IT OMG. I even felt like crying at some scenes which isn’t very often because I’m not raroro who collapses and cries at the sight of a hologram.

— Spoilers ahead + not very ungrammatical sentences —

I just omg cannot take it it’s so sad and so poignant and portrayed in such a realistic manner AND ALL THE FEELINGS OMO. it’s not really THAT sad that it goes into melodrama-ville. because it’s hilarious as well with the goat sound effects hahaha. and the family relations are also very sweet to watch and like idk, i guess most fangirls can identify w most of the events that occur? i like that it doesn’t completely focus on the love relationship (okay not really because sometimes i watch shows just for the love triangle/line/shape) but also explores life of being a fan, of being a daughter, OF BEING IN UNREQUITED LOVE OMG CAN ANYTHING BE MORE HEARTWRENCHING THAN UNREQUITED LOVE. then you watch how his eyes send daggers to the supposed object of affections of the girl he likes and how he has so many FEELINGS for her but cannot express himself because he is too LIKE A BLOCK OF WOOD and all his feelings are like air molecules BOMBARDING in his heart and mine because it’s so PAINFUL watching him trying to control himself and his jealousy and omg i just love scenes like that okay.

another thing i liked about the drama was how they interwove the scenes from the past and present in such a way that made sense and wasn’t like yknw confusing. they’d always have an indication of the time frame we were in when we moved back and forwards in time which is pretty cool. oh and i guess what made sense was that the present (2012) was mostly them in a single place so it didn’t make it too confusing. oh and the present also gave little clues/hints/added to the mystery for us to guess the ending which I REALLY LIKE because i haven’t watched a drama that does that before. not that i watch a lot of dramas but yeah.

um um. oh this drama is one that makes me wish i understood Korean because it would be a lot more obvious if i could recognise the Busan accent or yknw THE WORDS WOULD CARRY SO MUCH MORE MEANING. because it’s kinda less impactful just reading the subtitles. CAN’T I JUST UNDERSTAND WHAT HE’S SAYING OMG.

and the girl is so CLUELESS about his feelings for her. speaking of which, ST is equally clueless -.- WASN’T IT OBV FROM EPISODE 1 THAT HE WAS IN AN ONE-SIDED LOVE AFFAIR W HER. back to the drama. the heartbreaking thing is that he’s so AWARE of his feelings for her, but like I said above, unable to express it. and he’s like miles ahead from her in the maturity department while she’s still stuck in Tony-land which kind of reminds me of my obsessions w various celebrities. but I’m definitely not as fanatic as her hahaha.

and as if the girl/boy drama isn’t enough to TEAR MY HEART INTO SHREDS they add a boy/boy drama omg. IT’S REALLY THE SADDEST AHHHHHHHHH. heartbreak because you know that relationship is COMPLETELY impossible. also the clueless/aware relationship here. but the awareness is on a higher level because he’s also aware that it’s impossible ALL HE CAN BE IS A FRIEND AT THE SIDELINES HOW PAINFUL IS THAT 😥 my heart just like SHATTERED okay like squeeze until CANNOT SQUEEZE ANYMORE.

— Spoilers end —


Do watch it. From an unbiased POV, it’s good. From a biased POV, IT’S SO INCREDIBLE YOU DK WHAT’S YOU’RE MISSING REALLY.

And tomorrow I’m going to watch A Werewolf Boy. It’s a good few days 🙂

One day ST came to my house

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