Final(ly over)!

Okay the pun sounded a lot funnier in my head haha. But I realised that I haven’t posted anything about finals being finally over! 😀 Woohooooo.

First time taking exams in university so it was quite.. an interesting experience hahaha. I don’t think I want to relieve the experience so I decided not to blog about it. I tend to forget everything about the paper at the end of it, so usually when people ask how the paper went I’d think it’s okay. In fact, I don’t remember it HAHA. I’ve an amazing memory I tell you.

My last paper was the EL paper on 4 Dec, Tuesday! TBH I didn’t study much for it. I had a staycation at Fairmont over the weekend w my family (my mum did a full marathon at Standard Chartered marathon this year! Mega proud of her) and I didn’t really have the mood to study before that. So yup not much revision done for it. I underestimated the paper and overestimated myself I think oopsie daisy. But THE PAPER WAS OKAY HAHAHA. Because I don’t really recall it /shrugs.

After the paper PJ, raroro and I went to Vivocityyyyy! :D:D Had a nice hearty lunch at Asian Kitchen then PJ went off and raroro and I went to watch… PITCH PERFECT. Finally hahaha. My entire family (minus my dad) plus almost all the friends I talk to often watched it before me. And everyone (especially ST) kept reminding me that it’s a good movie omg. IRRITATING EH. But okay at least I’ve watched it already. And the movie was HILARIOUS hahahaha. I’m glad I watched it w raroro because really, SHE LAUGHS W NO RESERVATIONS. Leaving me free to laugh loudly too teehee. Fat Amy was mega funny (of course) and the singing was nice too! 😀 So happy that we managed to catch this movie before the theaters stopped screening it.

I went for Jazz Funk after that (need to use up all my lessons ohmy) and the lesson was the SLOWEST I’ve ever been to wow. The instructor only taught 3 eights for the entire hour D: On the bright side, she was very.. thorough. But I still can’t help but feel like I wasted one lesson boo.


My first driving lesson after… two weeks. Which actually isn’t that long. But it was a two hour lesson and there was circuit time. I COMPLETELY FORGOT HOW TO PARK HAHAHA. Oops. But after that he made me book like 6+ lessons in a row for the following weeks and currently I am.. getting better (I hope) hahaha. I really can’t wait to pass the exam.

Ended at 11am and I was too earlyyyy. PJ woke up not long ago and ST was still in camp D: So I went all by my lonesome self to the NTUC at nex to buy our essential snacks NOMNOM. Then I went to PJ’s house. Where we watched Hellloooooo Baby! Hahaha I keep hearing Mir’s voice in my head when I type that. IT’S REALLY CUTE.

Here is a 3 minute clip that repeats him saying ‘Helllloooo Baby!’ over and over again. No idea why anyone would wanna do that but just watch him do it once. MEGA CUTE. :D:D

After that our lunch (MACDONALDS) arrived and shortly after so did ST. 😀 Then we ate lunch while watching Running Man.

THEN WE STARTED TO SINGGGGGGG. Okay no we watched random videos first haha then we started to sing. KARAOKE W MAI KARAOKE BUDZZZZZZZZZ. Best times ever 🙂

… Idk what else already hahaha. We showed PJ our childhood (AKA secondary school) memories of Larry the Cucumber hahaha. Forgot all about him for so long. VEGGIE TALES. Also showed her Lee Joon splitting his pants while doing Push Push. Oh and I showed them Kangin at the Chile Music Bank (because they wanted to see how he charged forward like a ball). Mmmmm yeah that’s about it.

After a very intense pigging out session we decided that we needed some exercise (rather, ST and I decided hahaha PJ JUST SAT AND WATCHED US AND LAUGHED) so we watched some workout routines on YouTube and followed it. ST SEXY MUCH.

Yup and then it got late. So we went home.

Really really fun day doing nothing much but screaming and laughing and singing and talking and just having lots of fun w my best buds 🙂 LOVE YOU GUYS.

Final(ly over)!

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