Heeeellllloooooo Baby!

I haven’t been updating much because I’ve been super busy! After finals ended there was like an explosion of things to do. And shows to watch HAHA.

Updates to look forward to (I really really will blog about this soon!!):

  • After EL paper 
  • Pigging out session w ST and PJ
  • Camp Mystery (okay probably not the whole camp, it’s too tiring)
  • About finals..? Provided I’m willing to relive the entire experience which I have honestly put into the far corners of my mind.

As you can tell from the title.. I’ve been watching Hello Baby!! 😀 It’s the MBLAQ season whoopeeeeeeee! Super super cute omg and I can recognise MBLAQ already. Don’t really like their songs actually, only a few appeal to me. But they’re really nice to the kids and it feels so real! Plus they’re cute themselves hahaha.

Here is a clip of Mir singing the Lion King OST for you to watch while I watch Episode 10.

Heeeellllloooooo Baby!

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