Introduction to my Friends

To aid easy understanding of my blog, I’ve decided to come up w a masterlist of people I usually blog about (aside from my family). After all, I only talk about these few friends (NO FRIENDS RIGHT I KNOW). Only listing a few individuals I commonly mention so that you’ll know who’s who and will not be confused by the names! Also because I know that my friends’ egos will expand and they’ll be happy after seeing this teehee.



First up we have Damien/ST aka ShuiTa (which means OTTer in Chinese) the story behind this name is ancient history which I am too lazy to go into now.

Main things about ST:

  • He is my best friend 😀 For almost 5 years and many many more years to come 
  • He is very full of nonsense but still very smart.



Next up we have the incredible Puay Joo PJ DJ.

Main things about PJ:

  • Also my best friend, meeting her in NJ one of the best best best best bestttttttt things that happened to me
  • She is very funny and also smart and kind and generous and idk what other good adjectives there are.


Hazel and Austin!

I refer of course, to the nutty one on the left, Hazel(nut)

Main things about Hazelly:

  • She is a v good friend of mine who does weird things (and refuses to acknowledge the fact) 
  • She dances v well (hence her name usually appears in posts related to dance/stupid things she does)



[Incredibly old photo but I couldn’t really find one where both of us look flattering enough. The most recent picture I have of her is a sneakily taken photo of her sleeping during lecture and the next most recent is our sunburnt selves during the Arts Oweek.]

Rachael or raroro (because the name is cute and it used to annoy her)

Main things about raroro:

  • I’ve (sort of) known her since Sec 1 – which makes her the friend I’ve known the longest in this list! But we only got into our currently (not as) complicated relationship in JC1 
  • She is also very funny and comes up with the most nonsensical things. At the same time she’s v fierce so I’m sometimes scared of her because she has the tendency to fly into a sudden rage (eg mention convict K)


Yup that’s about all omg see how miserable my friends list is. Really if you read through all my posts, you will probably see these few names appearing the most. Also appearing often will be One Direction HAHAHA. But I don’t think they count.

I DO have more friends than this okay. Really really really hahaha. Just that this bunch of people appear more often in this blog (and in my life) so here they are ^^

Introduction to my Friends

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