Finals (almost) over!

With the (almost) end of finals, I have cleaned up my WordPress a little – something I’ve been wanting to do for very long! The tag cloud was getting too crowded and the posts weren’t categorised properly anymore (a little OCD like that). So I’ve organised it a little and hopefully it’ll be neater now!

Changes I’ve made include:

  • renamed the categories (I initially wanted to steal ST’s WordPress blog categories but.. I don’t like that haha. So I asked him to help me think of something. TO DATE I HAVE HAD NO REPLY)
  • reorganised the posts into the respective categories
  • removed the one direction and school tag (the posts are now filed under the categories instead!)
  • removed some other necessary tags
  • renamed ‘endeavors’ to ‘endeavours’ (again, slightly OCD like that)
  • made it possible to see the hierarchy of the categories as well as the post count

Yup those are the main changes I can think of. But the categories still mean the same thing!

  • the nonsense box -> largely became ‘my everythingelse’ 
  • the nonsense box/tagged ‘fangirl’ -> ‘my fangirl feels’ (THERE WERE TOO MANY FANGIRL POSTS HAHAHA)
  • the journal box -> my happenings
  • love letters -> my love notes
  • the pandora’s box -> my thoughts

It feels sort of narcissistic with the personal pronoun in front of every category name but… IT’S MY BLOG NEHNEHNIPOOPOO. Hahahaha.

Anyway back to the topic.

It has been an incredibly tiring reading week + exam week D: Here I shall try to briefly go through what has been going on in my life through this testing period (teehee DO YOU GET THE PUN)

A quick check from my now well-organised folders reveals that the last time I properly updated about what was going on in my life was… about the Tuesday when ST came over to school. WHICH WAS IN OCTOBER. And we are now coming to December wow time sure flies. But then I remember that it’s probably like that because there hasn’t been much going on in my life. T.T Most days have been going to school, watching running man, going for lessons, going home, watching running man, trying to do a bit of work, watching running man. As you can probably tell, running man features quite strongly hahaha oopsie daisy.

So what happened in Pui San’s November? READ ON TO FIND OUT 😉 /shameless

  • South Asian studies mid terms
    It’s quite sad that now to me SN means South Asian and not St Nicks omg. Terrible isn’t it haha. But anyway, the INTENSE revision for SN was like, the most studying I’ve done for a module the entire semester (at that point of time) I think. Because it was EIGHT topics squeezed into a test that was made up of 15 MCQs and 2 short answer questions -.- But the revision I did for it turned out to be good because the preparation really came in very handy when I was trying to revise for South Asian studies finals. The entire week leading up to the mid term was completely filled with South Asian studies gosh it was so … tiring.
  • Deepavali
    Diwali? Anyway this day this year was spent almost completely on my Cultural Studies project. It was an amazing experience. My group came over to my house at around 11 and at my dining table, all four of us had our laptops in front of us and it was like an OFFICE. We did work from 11plus – 6pm (lunch break and mental breaks in between of course) and it was really really cool to watch our entire project taking shape in just one day. Before that we had only rough ideas (many many many ideas) about what our project should be like, but we haven’t started any actual writing. And that day all of us had the Google doc open (the wonders of technology wowwww) on our respective computers and we were like busy little bees buzzing around in the document. I WAS SO IMPRESSED/AMAZED
  • Economics Quiz
    I decided to take a happy break from Mon-Fri after the South Asian studies mid term but it was back to work from Saturday – Thursday to prepare for the economics quiz. (for those interested, the mid term was on 2 Nov while the quiz was on 16 Nov). There was SO MUCH CONTENT. Plus Macroeconomics in Uni doesn’t seem to be thaaaat similar to what we learnt in JC so it was a lot of new things to stuff into my brain. AGAIN all the effort was for a 20 MCQ test. Which was only 20 MINUTES LONG. It was really really REALLY torturous especially since the test was at 6pm so I had to wait the entire day (and Friday’s my longest day) to take the 20 mins test it was so nerve-wracking D: D: REALLY THE WORST EXPERIENCE. I haven’t felt so desolate and despondent and down about a test for a long time (not even for the South Asian studies mid term)
  • Thursday before Econs Quiz
    Alternate Thursdays have been my free days for the entire semester but that Thursday (the last Thursday of the semester) was the most productive Thursday EVER. Hahaha ironic how it was only good just before the semester.Raroro and I met before 10am to catch the opening of the AMK Library because we planned to camp there that Thursday. TO MY IMMENSE SURPRISE, there was a queue to go in. My first time queuing to go into a library hahaha. Even more surprising was the fact that the library personnel were LINED UP at the entrance of the library when it opened and they were GREETING US omo. It was so overwhelming and funny and quite nice actually. I wonder if Bishan Library does it now.
    Anyway. Studying there was really very effective idk why. Maybe because I was a bit afraid to disturb raroro also so I had nothing to do but study. And occasionally walk around the library. And watch a few parts of running man. teehee. I was vv happy w myself that Thursday! However… nothing else was done when I went home because I was feeling too accomplished -.-
  • Reading week
    Was spent reading.
    Sort of.
    Okay not really.
    More about this in my next update!

It’s getting late and I still wanna watch running man before I sleep tonight so toodles pip ^^

Finals (almost) over!

2 thoughts on “Finals (almost) over!

  1. FINALLY a life update . I should probably do one too about my expensive November .


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