As the title of this post boldly announces, my midterms are finally over! And it is now about 3 weeks to finals hooray.

South Asian Studies midterms are one of the latest midterms I suspect. But now I also have a quiz on Macroeconomics coming up just before the start of the reading week. Sigh. So I won’t be able to take a break from studying. Plus I’m really really behind for Macroeconomics. It’s quite different from how it was taught in JC so I’m having quite a lot of trouble with it. The focus of Macro here is really quite different and I’m feeling rather lost. I miss JC Economics oh such carefree days ~~

But I decided to give myself a little break to celebrate the end of South Asian midterms hence here I am blogging before I sleep ^^ I could be watching Running Man but nooo I’m blogging. So dedicated to entertaining the few readers I have haha.

And also to make up for my fangirl posts recently. Teehee,

I’m rather excited about the end of my first semester in NUS. I hope I did decently (lol finals not even here yet) but so far.. it seems like I’ll be able to do okay? I’m just hoping Cultural Studies and SN won’t be too much of a shock to me.

Ooh yes lots of deadlines upcoming in addition to the finals! Cultural Studies project (ours is on dance films how cool is that!) and the final NM assignment due soon. Okay that’s two only. But both are quite difficult to handle so… it counts as a lot okay.

I shall try to blog a bit more (especially about Tuesday and my comparatively more exciting last week) before the descent of finals. These few days have generally followed the same pattern. Going to school, going home, watching Running Man, feeling guilty for watching it, trying to revise for the South Asian test. So not much to report on that front!

All right going to figure out my dropbox thingy now toodles pip until next time ~


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