I haven’t been updating because I’ve been super mega busy trying to revise for my South Asian midterms. BUT I BREAK THE SHORT HIATUS BY SAYING


Have been watching Running Man recently and I really could not have picked a worst time this year to start -.- FINALS APPROACHING AND HERE I AM GOING INTO FANGIRL MODE.

I just watched the episode on the cruise (ep 18) and KYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH HE’S SO ADORABLE. His confession to Ji Hyo omo I want also I want I want I want HAHAHAHA.

I’m actually a coward
When I watch horrow movies I don’t have the courage to open my eyes
If I got to a high place my legs will shake
But for me, the scariest thing is when I cannot see you.

I know the lines are kinda cheesy BUT I like okay so it doesn’t matter. PLUS HE SAID THEM WITH SUCH BASHFUL SINCERITY /HEARTMELTS

Plus imagine this handsome face saying those lines

How can anyone (obv besides the Monday couple) resist this omg. I know he’s an actor blahblahblah he’s just acting BUT STILL. Okay okay okay I know I need to control myself.

Episode 15 was also nice how he tried to woo Ji Hyo (she is SUCH a lucky girl) but omg why couldn’t they do such awesome segments when Nichkhun was there also it’d be an ALL KILL.

Did I say episode 15 was nice.

Because on second thoughts (and reflections on my reaction), it was waaaaaayyyyyyyyy more than nice HAHAHAHA. It was so freaking swoon-worthy and he really really suits the role of the shy junior okay WHAT AN ADORABLE CONFESSION and okay la his tricks were v predictable and sort of old-fashioned hahahaha but again I remind you, the effects would not be the same if… Suk Jin did it. (Sorry)

Having said all that tho, if someone did that to me in real life (before I watched this of course) I’d like to think I’d squeal and jump into the person’s arms. But truthfully I don’t think so because it also depends on how much I like the person and how awkward it is because I think situations like that are usually nice to watch and kind of awkward to be part of.

BUT I WOULDN’T MIND IF SJK DID THAT TO ME THO HAHAHAHAHA IF THAT’S THE CASE I WOULD … I can’t even express how ecstatic I’d be. Teehee.

Ending off with an adorable gif

hello qt 🙂

and a promise to properly update after Friday.


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