I HATE eating alone

I really really don’t like eating alone. If given a choice between eating alone (outside in a crowded place) and not eating… I’d probably grab a bun and walk around to eat. Hahaha betcha thought I’d say I won’t eat! Let’s now move on to the story of Pui San and Eating Alone. The two should not go together unless there’s a ‘is not’ between D:

Anyway, the first time I ate alone was this year (at the grand old age of 18!!). I think it was at Thomson Plaza’s food court before ballet. You can see how it’s such a momentous event for me hahaha I even remember the details. After that time I didn’t really have to eat alone because I usually had somebody with me. Then I started at my new job.

I really loved my job! I was working as a secretary and the things I had to do were interesting and refreshing and I felt like I learnt quite a bit. But the greatest downside was the fact that I was ALONE. I wasn’t bored here like I was at the previous job (but even then I had the lovely PJ to find whee!) but I was lonely sigh. I blogged about the lonely lunches before! So moving on.

After that quite terrible experience, I resolved to never ever eat alone unless I absolutely have to. WHICH I HAVE SUCCEEDED IN. More or less yay to me!

Then today it occurred to me that even though I don’t eat alone outside, I eat alone AT HOME. How sad is that. The story is that because I come home late sometimes (usually because of dance), the rest of my family would have eaten dinner before me. So I have to sit at the big dinner table meant for six people with the dishes of food and a bowl of rice in front of me… and five empty seats mocking me. So it’s a rather sad affair. Sometimes I don’t mind tho, because I have a book with me, or because I’m using my phone. But lately it occurs to me and it just feels quite.. pathetic. I cried during one such dinner but it was also because of external factors and that’s another story all together.

So yes that’s all I wanted to say. So if I ask you out for a lunch/dinner date please don’t reject me. D: MY FRAGILE HEART CANNOT TAKE IT.

I HATE eating alone

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