Managed to braid my hair in the style of a fishtail braid!! :D:D:D Okay it’s sort of like a fake one because it’s some simplified version.. but it works for now! ^^ looks sort of like the real thing also so imma happy girl. This is the reason why I’ve been trying to keep my hair long hahaha I know, vanity ^^ I also stopped layering my hair too much because I realised it makes it really hard to french braid layered hair. So now I’ve mastered french braiding more or less HAPPY GIRL I AM.

50c coin face coming up:

(I’ve learnt that I need to tilt my head in a certain way for my face to look less like a 50c coin. SO THIS PICTURE IS QUITE A FALSE PORTRAYAL OF MYSELF. But the focus is the braid)

This is the video I watched to learn it in case you wanna learn it too 😀


I’m now one step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a mermaid.


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