An update

Disclaimer: It’s late (like midnight) so I’m too lazy to capitalise my sentences properly. Too bad for you if you’re a Grammar Nazi.


i realise that the last few posts have been me rambling on about dance or books and not so much about my life. and i’m sure you’re eager to hear about the daily adventures of puisan. however i am sad to inform you that.. nothing much has been going on in my life.

eh no i realise it’s not exactly true. i had recess week during the week of my birthday so that was exciting (sort of) okay no not really, more like underwhelming. then i had midterms (for NM and English). watched Ruby Sparks w Rachael to celebrate the end of our midterms (oh such suffering two midterms ~~ hahaha i kid) oh and then i was naughty and skipped Jazz on Friday because i felt slightly unwell. then i really fell ill over the weekend but i still went for four hours of ballet which i kind of enjoyed but wasn’t really having a good time because it’s hard to enjoy a class properly when half the time you’re trying to make sure you can breathe through your blocked nose and also wondering if you’re feeling hot because you’re jumping around or because you have a fever. so yeah not v fun.

Okay quite annoyed by the lack of caps hahaha so back to typing properly.

Oh and I even went for a facial on Sunday which didn’t quite go very well because there was a moment when I kept coughing and the poor lady had to get me a cup of water to ease my throat. Hope she didn’t catch my germs.

Blahblahblah nothing exciting has been going on in my life. It’s mostly school and home and school and home I’m not really complaining though because I’ve been lazy since coming to Uni and haven’t joined any activities hahaha.

Oh today was an interesting day though because ST came over and we did nothing the whole day which was way awesome and felt like a day out of my eight months long holiday except that at night (like just now) I had to do my NM tutorial so boo to that.

And that’s a lightning quick update on my drab life. Uni’s still passing too quickly for my liking though oh well let’s see how I do this sem.


And I finally did my NM tutorial hahaha like after saying I’d do it for the past few days yay to me.

An update

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