I’ve been reading

[Warning: nerdy and possibly boring post about reading books ahead]

And not the trashy novels that I’ve so often been seen reading. The trashy novels with titles like ‘How to Knit a Wild Bikini’ (I quite enjoyed that one actually) and ‘To Sir Phillip, With Love’ (part of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton family historical romances series! I love her books haha they’re really the epitome of historical romances) Anyway as I was saying, I’ve NOT been reading those kinds of book (even though I still love them! everyone deserves a brain break and they’re great for brain breaks.)

I’ve been reading Young Adult novels! Which to be honest.. probably isn’t as far away from trashy novels as I would like to think. But still, some of them are quite thought-provoking and they don’t include steamy sex scenes like the trashy novels hahaha. Like I’ve been telling Hazel and Rachael, I’ve been trying to broaden my horizons. I do this every now and then when I feel slightly guilty for the number of romance novels I enjoy. I remember during the 8 months break, I was trying to enforce a ratio. It was something like one non-trashy novel for every two. Then it became more like a 1:4… and suddenly the ratio was gone and my diet was back to strictly romance novels only. ANYWAY. As you can tell, this hiatus from romance novels don’t usually last very long and it comes sporadically. So let’s see how long this lasts.

So. Young Adult novels. Found in level 4 of Bishan library (usually I go straight to level 3 and only pick out the books with heart shapes printed on the labels on the book spins or the ones with spines that are pink or yellow or some other cheery, happy colour) It’s true that some of my favourite books are of the Young Adult genre. One of my favourite Young Adult authors is Scott Westerfeld (I even kindly provided the link to his Wiki page for you ^^ ) His books are sort of science fiction? Usually set in a dystopian (I love this word haha) future or something we’re not very familiar with. My favourite favourite series is the Uglies series (again, link provided!) I remember the first time I came across the books was when I was in St Nicks! I uncovered (like a detective) the books in some corner of the library hahah. Then again, my exposure to historical romances was also in the SN library. So yeah.

The few Young Adult novels I’ve been reading since my change in tastes started are:

  1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
    I’ve been wanting to read this for a while so I was quite delighted when I saw it in my cousin’s bookshelf! Borrowed it and left it on MY bookshelf for quite awhile until I remembered that the movie was coming out = urgent need to read it! It was a good read 😀 Very… personal and I think it really draws you into the world of Charlie and idk, makes you want to try seeing the world from his perspective…. or maybe that’s just the effect of using the first person narrative.
  2. Possession & Surrender
    Put together because they’re part of an ongoing series. After I read the book I was like, wow this is a good book. However when I thought more about it (because I’m trying to be a more critical reader, more about this later) I realised that maybe it isn’t as good as I thought it was. The books are also set in the future where the world is quite different from what we imagined. Civilians are brainwashed and controlled by a central government who make use of people with special abilities (people are able to control others using their voice or their minds, people which the innate ability to control technology, or ‘tech’ as the novels refer to it) to do so. Like I told PJ, I quite enjoy reading novels like this, probably because of my experience with the Uglies series. But then.. this series felt like a poor imitation of that.

    I think it’s extremely important in such science fiction genre to be able to adequately and eloquently describe the world the books are set in. What the people are like, how they think, how the world looks like, the language they use – everything. The reader has to be able to, in my opinion, visualise this possible future world you are suggesting without too much trouble. At the same time, the description of the world cannot be too obvious – the whole ‘show not tell’ thing they taught us in primary school. The author has to present the world to us through the characters who have been living in this world. So the description has to be subtle and believable, it shouldn’t be like the character explaining his world to a penpal (for example) because that would be too painfully easy (and obvious).

    The author of Possession and Surrender, I find, did not really do this very well. I read the book because of the plot but I found it slightly difficult to read. Sometimes it felt like she expected the reader to catch on quickly, it wasn’t easy to follow the plot and I had to go back and read some part of the book again to get what she was trying to put across (but this could be because I speed read also).

    Putting the narrative style aside, the plot itself made me feel rather tired. I’d say breathless but it’s not really that case. It was more like I felt that the protagonist just kept running. Running to people, running away from people, running to freedom, running away from evil running running running. So at the end of it I was just rather tired.

  3. The Name of The Star
    I quite enjoyed this one!! It was.. simply written. The language used wasn’t overly hard and it was simple to follow. It’s part of a series though and the second book is only coming out next Feb BOO. D: I don’t like waiting for books/stories.
    And the thing about this is.. I ALREADY STARTED SORT OF SHIPPING TWO CHARACTERS HAHAHA. Actually it’s more like I just like that guy. He’s so intense hahaha. The kind of character I would like a lot ^^ But it’s still the early days (like the first book -.- ) so we can’t tell yet. Can’t wait to read more about him though.
    The plot is also something quite interesting, refreshing. It deals with seeing ghosts but doesn’t make it tacky but puts it in a new light. The only gripe I have about this novel is that sometimes it seems sort of like there are some unnecessary details. And the protagonist sometimes is annoying.

Just finished reading another book today but I’m too lazy to blog about it. It was… weird haha. The girl had an affair w her teacher and then he broke it off and she went MENTAL. Absolutely mental. There’s a deeper meaning to it I’m sure but I’m too lazy to analyse it and type it out here so that’s for another day. Possession and Surrender took too much out of me already HAHA.


See this is what happens when I stop taking Literature – I become a pseudo Literature student and try to (falsely and lamely) analyse novels. OH WELL. At least now you know my thoughts about four books which I’m sure greatly adds to your um whatever hahaha.

That’s all the thinking I’m doing here for the day. The rest of my brain power shall be reserved for the NM tutorial which is horrendous to do oh my gosh I don’t want to do ittttttttttt.

Toodles pip.

I’ve been reading

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