The past few days I’ve been watching so many videos from So You Think You Can Dance and oh my gosh I forgot how completely inspirational these dancers are.

Here are some of my favourite routines! Do watch them if you have the time 😀

I Got You
Choreography: NappyTabs
Dancers: Melanie & Marko (Season 8)

NappyTabs are also the choreographers of Mad and Bleeding Love which I have adored for the longest time! No wonder I love this routine ^^ I like it because it has a story line to it — it’s about two best friends falling in love (if you couldn’t tell) and I really really liked the emotions in the dance and I thought everything just flowed really well with it. LOVE THIS. 😀


Choreography: Shane Sparks
Dancers: Pasha & Lauren (Season 3)

The cool thing about this video is that it’s Pasha’s first time doing hip-hop and I think it’s a really awesome first time. Why is it that they’re so versatile!!! Just FYI he’s actually a Latin and ballroom dancer. And ballroom dancing is so fluid! To be able to isolate like that despite his background is quite amazing if you ask me. Lauren on the other hand is a contemp, jazz funk and hip-hop dancer so.. no surprises there! My favourite part of the routine is the first part (I’m sure you’d agree w me!!)


Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Choreography: Mandy Moore
Dancers: Sabra & Neil

If you couldn’t tell, the routine’s about a business meeting! I LOVED THE UNDER THE TABLE HANDSHAKE I THOUGHT IT WAS SO COOL. And idk I thought the whole thing was quite interesting, especially how they used the table and there was like a sort of power struggle between the two? Amazing stuff zomg.


What I Like About You
Choreography: Jean-Marc Généreux
Dancers: Benji and Tiffany

I LOVEEEEEEEEE THIS ONE HAHA (just like how I love the previous few also -.-) Okay but this one is special! It’s so happy and upbeat and it’s in HD (LOL ST). And fun fact: Benji’s an All Star (i.e. he was from a past season and won!!) and Tiffany is the contestant in that season. It’s quite nice to see that she can keep up w him hahaha. And I reallyyy like it so fun to watch! And she’s such a happy and bubbly dancer it makes me happy watching her dance!


Addiction (Music: Gravity)
Choreography: Mia Michaels
Dancers: Kayla & Kupono

This. This is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. It’s okay if you didn’t watch the previous ones (no actually it’s not, but what can I do right *shrug*) as long as you watch THIS ONE. The routine is called Addiction and I think it’s a beautiful beautiful totally intense I cannot contain my emotions even to use punctuation marks kind of beautiful if you know what I mean. The first time I watched it I literally shivered because it was so intense. You might call me mad or a bit too invested into it but I really really could FEEL the emotions and the raw passion they poured into the dance. And I’m watching it everyday hahaha. ADDICTED TO IT. Oopsies. It’s so urghhhhhh I cannot even describe it. JUST WATCH IT and be blown away oh gosh they’re so in their roles OKAY I’LL STOP HERE.

I initially wanted to rant about something else related to this but.. this is too time consuming and I want to sleep so goodnight. ^^


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