Hello hello! To those who are curious, I had the most fantastic (baby) birthday a few days ago 🙂 First time I had a holiday on my birthday and I totally made good use of it I think.

I initially expected my birthday to be quite a low-key affair since mei already told me that they didn’t have the time to get anything for me (promos’ next week!) and my parents don’t know what to get for me anymore. Okay I know it sounds v superficial butttttt it’s not only presents!! They were kinda busy as well plus my daddy was in China so we couldn’t have the usual birthday celebration thing (which I was sorta upset about) But I decided to suck it up and then woohoo my family came through for me (again as usual I love you sissy) and surprised me very pleasantly. Here’s how my day went:

Went for FunkBlitz w Rachael at Amore in the morning (SUCH A GOOD GIRL, EXERCISING ON MY BDAY RIGHT HAHA). The theme of the day was retro and the tai-tais were really dressed up for the theme, wow hahaha. It was the instructor’s last class there so they were taking pictures in their retro clothes and stuff. Which was sorta weird. But okay. The choreo for the day was.. interesting! Really quite retro. The songs also. Some songs I couldn’t recognise at all (Rachael was hoping they’d play T-ara’s Roly Poly!) and some songs which I could (Grease and ABBA!) whee.

Cycled for about 20 minutes in the gym before giving up, I decided that I was too lazy to exercise so much on my birthday ^^ Went home and my grandma boiled two eggs for me because she realised it was my birthday according to the Chinese calendar as well (idk the link also) so I ate it. Then bathed. Then changed. Then went to Din Tai Fung for lunch w my grandma, sissy and her two friends!

DTF was yummy! And Mindy has an iPhone 5. And we were v full hahaha. After eating, sissy announced that she had to go off to do business which I naturally assumed meant that she was going to the washroom. After quite a long while (during which I realised she brought her wallet to the washroom, which puzzled me because nobody would steal her wallet), she popped back w a slice of cake and macroons from The Icing Room! SO SWEET SISSY :D:D Thank you v much.

Birthday lunch 😀

Went home and got ready to go out again to meet Melissaaaaaaaaa :D:D Happy birthday to Melissa my dearest Melissa teehee LOVE YOU LONG TIME.

I was late (sorry D: ) and poor Melissa was left hungry. BUT I’m sure I was worth the wait. We went to Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar and omg it was SUPER DUPER YUMMYYYYY. Not much to say at this point because all we did was sit and talk, eat yummy yummy choc fondue (w strawberries, marshmellows, bananas, cake, and cookies that according to her, are JTS) and cheesecake, take some pictures. After that we went outside Esplanade and took more pictures hurhur.

Our yummy chocolate fondue!
Melissa’s cheesecake 🙂
Mel for Melissa
Me for … me. HAHA
Happy and satisfied

And finally, both of us w the instax pictures we took that day YAY TO BIRTHDAY BUDDIES 🙂

Then we parted ways D: She was off to Lenas (birthday discount teehee) and I walked to Funan to buy more Instax films hahaha. BUT I REALISED IT’S V CHEAP TO BUY ONLINE. So I think I’ll consider buying online next time. Can save so much $$ sigh.

Walked back to City Hall for dinner w my mum (DAMN FSW I KNOW HAHA BUT WHAT TO DO)

PREGO. Not the spaghetti brand.

Ate dinner at Prego! My mum was very excited about bringing me here and the food was GOOD. And the ambiance was nice too 😀  Unfortunately, VERY VERY UNFORTUNATELY I was v full from the choc fondue w Melissa so I couldn’t eat a lot D: Oh and the chicken dish scared me really it did I’m not going to post the picture up because the chicken was v scary I dont like. But it was yummy (gluttony hahaha omg)

OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT TO SAY!! My mum surprised me w this huge bouquet of roses, the prettiest I’ve ever seen.


The restaurant was also v nice! They gave us a complimentary slice of cake becos it was my bday ^^ and even sang a birthday song for me haha which was sorta awkz but okay la v nice of them 🙂


Then we went to Bishan to pick sissy and her friend up. AND THEN SHE SURPRISED ME W TWO HUGEEEEEEE BALLOONS OMG SO NICE OF HER RIGHT :D:D:D

love the balloons i really really do 😀

So that’s about all for my birthday on 27 sept 🙂


They gave me a cute Tinkerbell cake and another balloon hahaha today’s the year of balloons. OH and of course a card :D:D The card was so lovely thank you belly so much. Lyrics from Be Your Everything and various One Direction songs 😀 Every card’s so special and different oh my gosh I really treasure these cards a lot, not only because they’re so pretty but also because they contain the well-wishes of my favourite group of people.

bday card from 08 😀

Don’t have pictures of our class together because I didn’t bring a camera! Only my phone ~

Dinner was lovely of course! Jian Yi managed to come this time so we got to hear his army stories as well haha. Just sitting around and chatting ~ AND ST brought the jellybeans so we made them try the gross flavours. And Jacq really has NO expressions hahaha. PJ ate the Vomit flavour I think. In fact, most of them ate the gross flavours. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY CAN TAKE IT HAHA.

I also received a very sweet letter from PJ and a card from Melissa. Thank you so much to the both of you to the long messages and I love you both so much 😀


Last picture of some of the instant photos I took and the card I received 🙂

pretty pretty prettyyyyyy


And yup that’s about all! Will be having my bday cake this afternoon since my daddy’s back from China and that should be about it for my birthday celebrations thank you so much to everyone to wished me a happy birthday (even if it was on Facebook and Twitter sigh) and all my beloved friends who made me so happy and lucky on this special day 🙂



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