Haikus to friends

Because I had quite the lovely birthday (which I will definitely blog about.. soon) I decided to do something nice for the lovely people who made my birthday lovely. So here’s something I wrote for you my friends 😀

I start with ST 
When I say fwens 4eva
I really mean it

“Jack, Jack” inside jokes
Aplenty, ST and I
But no moxie now.

She lets me get away with
My nonsense; PJ

I took over her
role as the oft hungry one
PJ not greedy

She’s no Sharity
Elephant, and Melissa
makes me laugh, haha.

HAM zais and Austin
Baljeets, and Kevin Jonas
All Melissa‘s favs

My veh artistic,
Tumblr-famous, red-haired friend
is Annabelly 

Hazel Goh’s quite nuts
When she sees cute little kids
Just like seeing me.

‘Kangin is chubby!!’
So Rachael likes to tell me
I beg to differ

According to Jacq
Life is tragic. And she likes
Giraffes and Belly.

Jomain‘s v pretty,
Everyone says. But they don’t
see her nonsense side.

Rui rui is so cute
But I wish he’d remember
That we always love him

Yi Tong makes cheesecake
Still the same after five years
Glad we still can click


Because I realised that what I’ve been calling haikus aren’t exactly haikus in the strictest sense of the word. SIGH. Because they’re too simplistic hahaha. It shall now be called b-haikus (bogus haikus) Because f-haikus (f for fake) sound too vulgar for my liking.

Hope you enjoyed my b-haikus.

Here’s a double reading in Hazel’s b-haiku (the first line), see if you can spot it! ^^ I quite like it

Haikus to friends

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