My first-aiders :D

Noticed this candid shot Jason took of ST, me and PJ and I love it I really really do. Even tho ST looks rly weird and unglam. But we look so relaxed and comfortablew each other (esp me HAHA) And I really feel that way w both of them, like I can do anything and they’d laugh at me (they’d laugh the loudest in fact) but at the end of the day I KNOW they’d still love me. These two people are two of the most important people in my life and I love them vv much! I’d do almost anything for them, really. AND IF ANYONE DARES TO HURT THEM. You die hahah rly okay maybe not but I’d be rly nasty.

Even tho I doubt anyone would be mean to them because they’re the kindest and sweetest people ever. Which probably explains why I feel so much love for them teehee. And I realised that both of them were first-aid trained. I’m so lucky HAHA. If I’m ever injured they’re on my speed dial. Sorta.



P.S. (yes that’s me) I had an awesome bday :D:D Will post about it after I revise for NM and EL midterms eeks!


My first-aiders :D

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