Distortion of Reality

So. I was sharing my idea of what would happen when One Direction finally comes to Singapore w Hazel and she dismissed it 😦

This is what I told her:
I will perhaps be unable to buy the tickets for their concert. Very upset, I decided to go to the airport to study and hang around in hopes of seeing them.
Finally I hear a commotion, I turn my head and realised that a crowd of fans already gathered. So I hang back, unable to bring myself to squeeze w the rest. With my air of melancholy, I somehow attract their attention amidst the screaming fans. Niall (of course) comes to me and he asks in his cute accent if I’m okay.
I nervously reply yes, but he knows I’m lying and urges me to tell him the truth (omg such a sweetheart) so I confess that I won’t be able to watch their concert that night. Then he gives me two tickets, backstage passes and his number written on a slip of paper ^^

Obviously I haven’t decided what exactly the ‘somehow attract their attention’ entails. But I’m sure it will happen… SOMEHOW HAHA.

The reason for this sudden um thought is because One Direction’s new single, Live While We’re Young, is out!! I think it’s quite an unimpressive sounding title but the song itself is rather catchy and makes me happy. AND THE MV ^^ go watch it if you haven’t already!!

Distortion of Reality

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