I’m always missing you

I was searching for pictures for the gifts we’re preparing for belly and rachua and oh my gosh I am now awash and overwhlemed with love for 10sh08. i was so so so happy w them and i really cannot express how much i love my jc class. university seems so cold and distant compared to the love and warmth i felt in my class for the past two years. it’s not that i don’t like university, it’s a whole new experience that i’m enjoying. but nothing says home as well as 10sh08.

let me try to explain to you what being in 08 is like.

being in 08 is like resting your tired self after a long busy day
being in 08 is like being in a zoo. HAHA we’re all so different and so NOISY
being in 08 is feeling comfortable in your own skin
being in 08 is knowing that even when you trip and nobody helps you up and they laugh, they’re laughing w you and not at you
being in 08 is like being in a talent show – everyone’s so special and so so unique
being in 08 is refreshing. you never know what you’ll get w us
being in 08 is being imaginative. coming up w (rather untrue) scandals and teasing each other about it
being in 08 is knowing you have a bunch of friends you can always count on.
but most of all,

being in 08 is being loved, (mostly) unconditionally.

even that cannot BEGIN to describe how being part of 08 has shaped me and changed me into who i am. i now love more easily, more expressively and more EVERYTHINGLY. i’m so glad i got the chance belong to a class as magical as 08.

i won’t lie though. not everything is so rosy and perfect. i’m not saying 08 is flawless. there were moments when i was so frustrated w everyone i was like urghhhhh and like in every other family, we had disagreements. but i think in the end, i’ll only remember the love we have for each other, for the class, and for the times we had with each other.

this probably won’t be the end of my 08 posts because i love 08 tttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss much. and more. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. beyond beyond beyond oh my gosh.


There is a missing beat
Inside of me
The rhythm of my heart
Hits unevenly
There’s a missing piece
Inside of me
– ‘Missing Piece’
David Choi 

I’m always missing you

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