Taking a little break from NM Assignment!

Hi hi hiiiiii *little wave*

The weekend has been a rather busy weekend, preparing for this week’s many deadlines.

It’s my first time in so many months that I have so many deadlines to meet hahaha so I was quite stressed and grouchy on Saturday morning. Also complained to quite a few sympathetic people (heh thanks guys, love you!) For future reference (because I probably will read this in future and laugh and say ‘hah you think that’s stressful?!’) this is what I had due this week:

Wednesday: NM Assignment, Economics Tutorial
Thursday: SN Presentation, SN Write Up, Economics article analysis
Friday: NM Tutorial, EL Tutorial.

WHY IS IT THAT LIKE THAT IT DOESN’T LOOK SO DAUNTING?!!! HAHAHA. Trust me, it is. Now I’m left w SN Write up and NM assignment (!!).

Was having a lot of trouble w it 😦 Thanks to my cousin and Shaun who gave me advice 😀 And ST and Hazel (FOR LAUGHING AT ME OMG YOU SUCK) and Rachael for wishing me luck HAHA.

I’m still doing it now! IN PROGRESS.

Shall come back later if I feel like it ~~

Taking a little break from NM Assignment!

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