Bye Bel!

5 Sept

My first friend who’s flying (flew) away for University this year 😦 And it was my first time sending a friend off woohoo so I was quite excited.

Went home after school because I felt quite tired (second longest day of school!) then I watched TV LOL. Was supposed to do homework but.. yknw how stuff like this works. Watched TV w popo so at least I’m spending quality time w her. Killings two birds w one stone.

Left for the airport and met Jois, Belly, June, Pamela, Jacq and Viona at Wang’s Cafe. SO HUNGRY NOW SORRY FOR THE DIVERSION HAHA JUST THINKING ABOUT FOOD MAKES ME FEEL RATHER HUNGZ NOW. Sigh. As I was saying.

Saw the really really REALLY nice booklet thingy that Joisy and Belly made for Bel. JEALOUS. I want also hahaha but it means I have to fly off somewhere also sigh. Anyway the booklet had all our pretty photos and our messages to Bel omg if I were Bel I’d be so touched eh. Hahaha.

Then Meiyi popped up beside me and I didn’t realise until I almost stepped on her foot. Oops.

Met PJ (who cabbed all the way from Dhoby area zomg $21 cab fare) and Rachua (who’s leaving soon also omg I’ll miss her) then we went to find Bel!

Met Bel, gave her the booklet, took pictures and group hugs. Oh and we called the guys – Ben and ST – who were stuck in NS and couldn’t come personally to say bye to Bel. Poor kids

Then anti-climatically… we left. HAHA damn anti-climax I felt sorta cheated. Like huh why like that finish already. But yeah I guess that was it. Oops.

Had dinner w PJ at the food court there! I MISS PJ SO MUCHHHHHHH. We had a really nice time catching up and talking about everything and anything. It’s so sad that we’re in the same school yet we see each other so infrequently. 😥 I miss you PJ you you you I miss!!

Then we went home.

Okay that’s all LOL.

Hope Bel does well in Leeds and come back a rly successful lawyer! Then I’ll have more lawyer friends teehee ^^ Oh and it was way cool that all the girls in my class (except for two) were there to say bye to Bel. Yay 08 😀

Bye Bel!

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