Let it be known

that today is a happy day! πŸ˜€

Happy because..

1. I met Rachael at KR MRT, then we met Amanda, Agnes and John at the bus stop.

2. I met Alvyn and Keith for brunch

3. I had a nice time during NM lecture (when I was listening that is) HAHA. Talking to Melanie is always good fun πŸ™‚

4. I met up with Alvyn, Agnes, Samuel and Gavin for lunch. Not that I ate 😦 JUST WATCHED THEM EAT.

5. I saw Sing Yee at Koufu – twice! Haven’t seen her for so long and I miss her and her funny.

6. I went to The Cathay to wait for Hazel her Highness to arrive and we did a bit of work together and ate a lot more. POPEYES IS ALWAYS GOOD. Nom-ed their mashed potato and fries and chicken tenders.

7. I had my first Jazz 1 open class which was quite fun! Much faster paced than Jazz intro (and I’m actually quite glad I went for it because it gave me the foundation I needed) it was also nice watching people dance. AND WE DID LOTS OF STRETCHING AND CRUNCHES. I should do this more on my own too.

8. I had a lovely chat w Hazel on the bus πŸ˜€

9. I caught up w Shaun (sort of) over Whatsapp! YAY TO MERMAN SHAUN.

10. OMG AND I ALMOST FORGOT. The Jazz instructor played WMYB and One Thing during stretching today!!!!!!!! I WAS OVERJOYED. Like finally, finally FINALLY after so many dance classes. Even though it was only for stretching.. BUT AT LEAST I’VE HEARD IT DURING A DANCE CLASS HAHAHA. I think Hazel was facepalm-ing.

And here I am …

NOT DOING WORK haha oh well.

Let it be known

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