I miss Literature

Or rather, I miss being a student of Literature in English.

I was just thinking about this a few days ago, after hearing stories from my friends who are taking the Literature module this semester. Literature was really fun to study, not so fun when it’s an examination of course (but then again, what is?)

I miss being a Literature student in NJC. Mr Whitby and Mr Dio were really really good teachers (Mr Dio was good in his own… rather interesting way) and the texts we had to do were made more interesting because of them.

Except for Tess though. Nobody can make Thomas Hardy’s Tess interesting. I mean, the plot’s so dramatic and exciting. BUT THE WAY IT’S WRITTEN OH MY GOODNESS. But the other texts, oh how I fell in love with the other texts! I really learnt a lot not only from my teachers but the texts themselves and it was just a really really amazing experience.

I miss analysing Literature texts. NEVER THOUGHT I’D SAY THIS. And I’ll probably hate it again once I’d to do it again. But at the moment yeah. I miss wondering if I’m free associating, I miss thinking too much into things (and realising that hey! I was right – not that it happens a lot of course) and I miss puzzling over the obscure P5 unseen texts.

Oh gosh unseen texts. I’ve quite forgotten about them!! I remember how bewildered and lost I felt after seeing the first every P5 prose unseen. I remember it was Ms Soh / Ms Koh who threw it at us and we were furiously copying down the analysis and the unseen was well, just really really hard. Secondary school Literature was nothing like that, I could barely understand the unseen!

Then P1 had compare and contrast exercises and they were.. stimulating. Like the common themes, once you knew them, were easy enough to spot. And the moments when Mr Whitby pointed them out to us were quite um common HAHA. But pretty cool. So yup I miss compare and contrast even though I was so bad at it 😦

Mmmm what else about Literature.. don’t remember now! I’m not exactly listing out everything in Lit, just the things that occur to me while writing!



Okay that’s all bye.

I miss Literature

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