CNM Camp

Soooooo I finally decided to bravely embark on the attempt to journal my time at my NM camp. Since it happened more than a month ago, there are going to be many gaps in my memory and I definitely won’t be noting everything down. In fact, this will probably be more of my feelings during/ about the camp than the actual events.. which is sorta more interesting right 😀

Also, no pictures at the moment because I’m lazy to find pictures from Facebook. And I’m using the baby laptop now so sorta more inconvenient. I do like the tapping sound though. Tap tap.


Day 1

The camp started in the afternoon! Which was good because it meant I had time to nua at home and pack before going out. And bad because I had to lug my bags all the way to NUS on my own 😦 Was quite excited about the camp actually because it was my first actual NUS event! Plus my first camp (haha duh) I signed up for the camp because I kept hearing people saying that it’d be hard to make friends once school starts (which is true BTW) and camps were the place to make friends. Decided that I needed friends and… choosing to go for NM camp was sort of a process of elimination TBH. Several camps were during the week when I was in Hong Kong so they were out. Some camps were… over hehe. And thus I was left w NM camp! Thankfully NM is something I’ve been considering as my major so yay lucky coincidence 🙂

Was quite lost (first time in NUS alone!) and I didn’t know how to go where we were supposed to meet. But I followed people wearing yellow/blue/red T-shirts (the group colours that we were supposed to report in!) and I got to where I was supposed to go. SMART CPS.

We were led to the LT and I SAW KHENG YEE. My first friend. Sorta. Hahaha I was so happy to see her because familiar face! But I did try to.. say hi to the people around me as well, but it was quite hard to remember names/faces. Sat in the LT for an hour before we went to a room to deposit our bags and then to the central forum to play ice breakers!

Mmm typical ice breaker games I guess. Nothing much here just that I couldn’t really remember the people’s names even after the games HAHA. Actually up till the end of the camp I still had trouble w the names occasionally. Like I had their names and faces in my head but sometimes it wouldn’t click/match and I’d have to stare at them for awhile before remembering their names hahaha oopsies ~

Oh after that they gave us our group identity! Capt Squeakies yay because our identity were little blue dolphins that squeaked. You know, those little floaty toys you play w in the bathtub when you were little! But we wore it for like.. the first day HAHA. Then the dolphins all went missing. But the great thing was it saved us the trouble of coming up w a cheer. All we had to do we squeeze our dolphins and it’d annoy people HAHA.

Had dinner at UTown’s Koufu after that and then started the Night Games! Which were fun and no running around so I was a happy girl! I know, lazy girl also.

[omg almost had a heart attack. accidentally hit the backspace key and it LEFT THIS PAGE. luckily wordpress auto saves the drafts yay WP!!]

Mm the games we played:

– little paper cups that were sealed w only holes at the top for you to sniff and try to identify whatever was inside.

– the station master played a short clip and we had to guess what film it was from.

– morse code game! (coolest game haha) the og split into two, one tapped out the sentence w LED lights and the other tried to decipher the sentence


Then we had a mass game which was super cool. They taped pictures on our backs and the pictures were in some order which we had to figure out. Turns out it was a zoom in/out sort of thing! Like the first picture was a train in a tunnel, then it zoomed into people in the train -> a boy in the train reading a book -> the picture in the book (w a billboard) -> the billboard depicting a geisha and her fan -> the geisha’s fan (some scenery) -> the scenery… you get the idea.


The day more or less ended there. Oh we went for supper!! Then bathed then to the corridor we were sleeping in.

But we didn’t sleep till after 3am -.- Playing games haha.

End of day 1! Quite fun so far and…

TIME FOR ME TO SLEEP. Will blog about day 2 once I’m in the mood again (ie expect the next post in another month)

CNM Camp

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