Kite Flying w Squeakies

23 July – after health check up at UHC 

Went home after my health check up and got ready to go out again to meet my NM camp OG 🙂 Went to Bishan to buy a kite first because geniuses like us plan a trip to Marina Barrage to fly a kite without anyone actually bringing a kite -.- It was so hard to choose a kite because I was lazy to open all the kites to see how they looked! Plus they were gross and dusty because I guess people don’t actually dust the kites 😦 So by the end of my browsing I was sneezing boo. Finally settled on a kite and gosh I probably looked like I was running away from home! Carried a bag of food, a haversack and a huge kite in a bright orange cover. Thankfully the train was quite empty and I got a seat! In fact I think I had the whole row to myself. I think maybe people didn’t dare to sit w me, after all I was holding an unidentifiable orange object.

Finally got to Marina Bay and met up w the rest of the OG! Okay I say it as if it was a lot of people but actually there were only nine of us HAHA. More seniors than freshies gosh. But it was nice to spend time w them in the sun, having a picnic and taking nice pictures. Oh and flying the kite. Not that I flew it – too lazy. Alvyn was the one in charge of it, along w Agnes hahaha. Qt ~ Still quite awkward w the OG, like I don’t exactly behave like myself w them but I guess it’s better w them than my Oweek OG currently, probably because I’ve known them for a longer time!

I learnt how to play Cluedo!! Sorta hahah, still not sure how to play mind games like the rest of them but at least I know how to play the game HONESTLY. And Cluedo’s fun! :D:D Oh and we played Indian Poker as well, the losers were dared to .. take pictures w strangers and stuff like that.

Oh yeah we took pretty jumpshots w Agnes’ camera against the really nice sky as a backdrop. Marina Barrage is really a great place to fly kites and take pictures I realise! Here’s a non-jumpshot, group picture we took. Like I said, great place to take pictures. But as you can tell WE’RE ALL SQUINTING. The sun was so bright grr.


They decided to go for ice cream after that at The Cathay which I readily agreed to HEHE. Had Jazz Intro at the very place so obv I was delighted that they chose it – I didn’t even have to say anything YAY.

Went to B&J’s for ice cream NOM NOM. I love ice cream.

Went for Jazz after that while they had dinner 😦 But Jazz was fun so no regrets~ Fun day I guess BUT I FELL ILL AFTER THAT. So that’s all.


I quite like my NM camp OG, they’re all rather nice people and helpful! Plus I found a friend who enjoys dance just like me so we can go for stuff together 🙂 And I think we’re all becoming better friends sorta after the camp, meeting up for lunch and all that so yay for us and cheers to new friendships that will hopefully last through my next four years in NUS 🙂

Kite Flying w Squeakies

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