Ice skating is Fun w Friends

20 July

Met PJ for lunch at J-Cube before meeting the rest of the girls – Meiyi, Belly, Jacq, Viona and June. My first time to J-Cube and.. it’s just a shopping mall with the ice-skating rink as an attraction. Most places (literally) surround the giant rink! Which is rather cool I guess. We ate at Manhattan Fish Market because it was the cheapest (there was Nandos there too! But we just had Nandos earlier that week I think) The waitress showed us to a table where we had a good view of the rink so we had a good time pointing out the noobs and the pros HAHA. To our dismay we remembered that we’d be the noobs in the next session and people would be laughing at us SIGH.

Unbeknownst to PJ who is now EASILY TRICKED (must be my influence) the rest of us were planning to surprise her and June with their birthday cards (courtesy of our resident artist Belly welly of course). It was my task to get a cake for the both of them so PJ and I went around choosing a cake FOR HER WITHOUT HER KNOWING HAHAHA. I’m so proud of myself, I’ve become so devious! But my master plan was for naught because we didn’t buy that cake in the end oh wellz.

Met up w the rest of the girls AND IT WAS SKATING TIMEEEEEE. Rented the skates only because Meiyi lent me socks and I brought gloves yay me. SKATING WAS BAD. Okay not really. I’m quite bad at skating! Had a not-so-good experience trying to learn to skate a few years back w my sister at the Kallang rink. The instructor was so biased and mean and didn’t care about me because it was too obvious that I’m the not talented one. HAHA. So yeah not a good introduction to ice skating. But ice skating w Meiyi, June, Viona and PJ was fun!! Because Meiyi and June were so patient tryna teach us how to skate and pulling us away from the safety of the side of the rink (!!) But yay super grateful to them :D:D In the end I even managed to skate a bit by myself! Probably can’t do it now though hahaha. Ice skating is incredibly tiring and rather painful! We were all perspiring by the end of the session. But yeah, I really had a good time skating around w good friends yay 🙂

Found Belly and Jacq after that (they were painstakingly writing the birthday messages into the birthday cards for PJ and June!) and we went for… ice cream. Marble slab yumz! Sat around and chatted after that and then we went to the arcade where we saw this .. guy dancing. HAHA he was very into it and all the high scores belonged to him. (It was one of those DDR-like machines)

Had dinner after that where we surprised PJ and June w their cards! Yay successful surprise I love giving surprises!

Happy (belated) birthday June and PJ!
Ice skating is Fun w Friends

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