Busy weekend!

28 July

We were invited to our 4th uncle’s house for dinner that night! Was looking forward to it because I now cherish (more than ever) every moment I get to spend w my beloved extended family 🙂

They catered Thai food for everybody and it was more for us to check out their house than anything hahaha. Got to see the rooms of the two cousins closest to me in age and yeah it was nice!

Oh and I discovered that one of my cousins owns The Perks Of Being A Wallflower!! So I borrowed it from him. But it’s still lying on my shelf unread oops.

Mm not much to blog about that day. I just wanted to note this down so I’ll remember next time!

29 July
My tennis coach invited us to his house for dinner! First time we’ve been to a neighbour’s house for dinner and it felt so … neighbourly LOL. I’ve always wanted to do something like that.

Oh yeah I tried to make cheesecake for them the night before!! But it failed spectacularly 😦 wasn’t fit for company so we left it at home for ourselves to eat nom nom.

Dinner was okay! They prepared a lot of food for us and it was really nice to have a home cooked meal in someone else’s house – the feeling is quite different!

Had fruits and ice cream after dinner and we watched YouTube on their cool television that could be hooked up to YouTube (not as cool as belly’s tv though)
Guess what we watched.

Went home and that’s all.

Busy weekend!

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