Meeting up w SN friends :)

26 July – after NM Bidding Clinic

Rushed home to change and went out again to Hougang Mall to meet Melissa and Yitong! I haven’t met since we were.. in Secondary 3 I think! We were quite worried that it’d be weird and awkward and stilted conversation – you know how that feels right! But it was fine and fun! We had at Lenas as you can tell from the instax below..

Outside Lenas!

… HAHA OKAY OBV YOU CANNOT TELL. Because the lady who took the picture for us didn’t know she was supposed to include the signboard in the picture so oopsies. Instead you get a nice full body shot of three pretty girls. HAHA JUST REALISED. Yitong’s still as pale as a ghost. Just like in Secondary 2 hahaha. Some things never change 🙂

Lenas was yummy as usual forgot what we ate. But we were too distracted by the good conversation anyway so never mind that!

Went to Macdonalds after that because we didn’t know what to do. So we sat there and talked some more.

Melissa’s fail skills

And Melissa showed off her fail camwhoring skills. And YT showed off the skills she learnt from someone she met at her SMU camp which was rather impressive.. BUT STILL FAILED TO TAKE A GOOD PHOTO OF US.

So as you can tell, not much to update re the meet up w them. It was mostly just three girls gossiping and catching up and reminiscing after years of not meeting up 🙂

1 Aug

I really really wanted to watch Spiderman because of Andrew Garfield (NICE NAME) and couldn’t find anyone to watch w! So imagine my delight when Yam revealed that she had not watched it either 😀 So quickly I arranged a date w her and YAY off we were to watch Spidey. The best part about meeting Yam is how near we stay to each other. So she hopped into my bus and we went to j8 first to buy snacks because .. movie.

And we saw

CHIA SHOTS. Healthy.

YAY! So I snapped a photo of it. Wanted to take a picture w it but just as we were going to, we heard a voice

“Buy this one very nice”

And we saw a teenage boy coming nearer to us and he looked slightly .. autistic? I don’t know how to put it but yeah, he just wasn’t mentally right I guess. So Yam and I quickly put down the packet of Chia shots and walked away. BUT HE FOLLOWED US. And he kept asking

“Where’s your boyfriend? Where’s your boyfriend?”

Quite frightened, we tried to lose him in the shelves so we quickly walked through the shelves and he was gone! Went to the chips aisle and got a huge packet of chips and we proceeded to the counter to pay only to hear….

“Ask your boyfriend to pay, ask your boyfriend to pay”

YAM WAS SO FRIGHTENED IT WAS QUITE FUNNY HAHAHAHAHA. So we moved to another counter to pay (no boyfriend) and quickly went off.

Took the train to Dhoby and bought tix for the movie first! With time to kill we decided to walk around Plaza Sing (not like I don’t go there enough). Went to Marks and Spencer and *squeeeeeeeeal* The food there gosh EVERYTHING LOOKS SO CUTE. And I love Percy Pig. Percy Pig is everywhere, on biscuits, chocolates and of course my fav Percy Pig gummies. I like to bite off the ear first. Then the other ear. Then I slowly eat his face. HAHA SOUNDS DAMN GROSS. But yes that’s how I eat Percy Pig. Yam was quite embarrassed of my squealing 😦 She bought Gongcha after that and I bought Boost then it was movie timeeeeeeeee!

SPIDEY WAS GOODY. GOOD GOOD GOOD I likey. Likey Spidey. Okay maybe I shouldn’t try to rhyme at this hour. But I did enjoy the movie (and his face).

Spidey, yam and me

Took a pic w his (unfortunately) masked face after the movie to remember that we watched it. It was significant okay.

Took more pictures after that because we are girls and I have a nice camera phone.

On the escalator.
Correct heights now

Then Yam accompanied me all the way to Wilkie Edge because I wanted to get ballet stuff! Got there at 7.02pm AND THEY WERE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!! RAGE. They close at 7pm. TRUST MY LUCK OMG. So we trudged back to Pomo and sat outside the DanzPeople studio half watching Hazel and Kelly dance and half taking gifs. I realise Yam is gifted at taking gifs. So my GIFt to you… (hahaha I could not resist)

And starring Yam, my all time favourite gif of her…

Okay I guess it’s sorta cute if you don’t know her true personality.


Peppered with lots of photos to make easy reading.

Meeting up w SN friends :)

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