Singapore Flyer with family

22 July

I can finally say I’m a Singaporean having been to the Singapore Flyer! ^^ Okay true the Flyer isn’t something that has been around forever but still, as a Singaporean I should at least visit one of the things Singapore is so proud of right! 😀 But.. it’s true the Flyer is quite boring. Unless you enjoy seeing the bird’s eye view of the Singapore’s city skyline then you’ll probably be quite bored.

I guess we were in a way quite lucky because when we went there the sun was setting! So we got to see the spectacular sunset from quite high up 😀


Here it is ^^^^^^ Quite beautiful isn’t it!


Oh yes before we got to the Flyer itself we were snapping pictures at a pretty cool place. Good view of the entire Flyer and nice lighting! Plus we were trying out our new camera HAHA.

Perfect picture-taking spot!

Sooooo yeah good view at the Flyer my family and I were busy snapping pictures with our nifty phones and stuff like that. Series of photos coming up!

Capsule behind us!
Happy family w the skyline behind us 🙂


As you probably can tell / guess, there isn’t much to do when you’re in the capsule. Besides taking photos and going ‘wowwww’ at the view and trying to identify buildings. So if you’re the easily bored kind.. the Flyer probably isn’t for you.

After our Flyer adventure we had dinner at a faux hawker centre at the foot of the Singapore Flyer. It was some.. vintage looking place, rather authentic looking! BUT THE PRICES WERE NOT AUTHENTIC AT ALL. Most expensive chicken rice I’ve ever seen. It was like.. at least $5 a plate?!! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. But the food was quite tasty. OH I REMEMBER THE XIAMIAN OMG DARN GOOD THE BEST XIAMIAN/HOKKIEN MEE I’VE EVER TASTED. Oh and the milk tea was super good too.


As you can tell I was too occupied with food to be bothered to pose for the photo hahaha. No pictures of the food because I find it too weird to take pictures of the food. Oh and my expression is sorta weird in the photo because that was like the first (second?) time I ate popiah. SINGAPOREAN NOTTTTTTTTTTTT HAHAHA.


Yup and that’s the end of my Singapore Flyer adventure 😀

Singapore Flyer with family

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