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23 July – Health Check-up

Had my health check up finally! It was quite an interesting experience, I’ve never been so poked and prodded before! So I went to UHC quite early in the morning – my slot was the first one (I wanted to get it over with!) But to my great upset there were many other people who obviously thought the same way SIGH. So I still had to wait a bit. I even arrived before the clinic opened! #kiasusingaporean

Registered myself when the clinic finally opened its doors. They gave us a little plastic cup for collecting your urine (!!!!!), a receipt and some form to fill in. My first stop was an eye check up! Pretty routine, I just read the numbers on the chart. THEN WAS A HEIGHT AND WEIGHT OMGGGGGGG. To my horror I GAINED WEIGHT AND REMAINED THE SAME HEIGHT. You know what this means. No more upwards for me, SIDEWAYS IS THE ONLY WAY I’M GOING. That and downwards with the gravity pull.

Then was a blood pressure test! I think mine should be fine? The nurse didn’t gasp in shock or anything so I’m guessing that I’m normal. It was slightly uncomfortable having the arm band thing squeeze all my fats but.. yup at least it was over soon. Then the nurse told me to get a queue number to see a doctor. AT FIRST I WAS QUITE WORRIED. Like why do I have to see a doctor first?!! Thought there was something wrong w me – what if I had some disease! Or perhaps something they found in my medical records IDK. But in the end I realised it was just a check up and whether I went to the doctor first or later had no bearing on the state of my health -.-

Waited quite a while for the doctor ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least it was a nice (if slightly) old lady who poked me. It felt sort of weird for the doctor to be touching me, it was the first time anyone had touched me so.. yeah really weird. Oh and she pressed my tummy too! AND IT WAS SO TICKLISH HAHA. I couldn’t help giggling and I couldn’t stop either. I think the doctor was kinda annoyed with me oops.

After that was the x-ray and collecting urine. WHICH I DID WITHย APLOMB. (I’m sure Gwong will flip knowing how I used his favourite word hahaha) But really I WAS SO SURPRISED AT HOW SKILLFUL I WAS DOING SOMETHING I’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE ^^ Woohoo go Pui San go Pui San who’s the man who’s the man.

X-ray was okay too.. a bit weird (again!) to be hugging the board but yup anyway I was declared healthy and free to go! ^^

Went home after that and got ready to go for my CNM OG gathering yay! (More about that in another post)


Oh the best part?

I fell sick that night after the health check up. GREAT TIMING.


24 July – Registration Day

Great timing meant both sarcastically and … what’s the opposite of that? Not sarcastically? Anyway yeah. Great because I was able to complete my health check up before I fell sick and terrible because I had to go register the next day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Met Meiyi and Belly early in the morn at Kent Ridge MRT to go to school together! WAS SO SICK THEN ๐Ÿ˜ฆ No voice and throat hurt like the devil and urgh just completely sapped of energy.

TBH not much that day. I just went through the motions more or less zombified ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Got my NUS Student card and yay my picture for once doesn’t look THAT bad. Submitted my documents and.. walked though a laptop fair and the CCA fair. Didn’t really put down my name for anything because I was too tired and dead and urgh just wanted to lie down so yeah you can guess how bad it was ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Meiyi and Belly wanted to go lunch after that! But after we got to the MRT I was like urghhh I cannot take this anymore so I went home to sleep and sleep and sleep. Oh and I skipped lunch that day (but more than made up for it in the days following HAHAHA)


26 July – CNM Bidding Clinic

Felt sorta better after one and a half solid days of rest so I decided to drag myself back to school for the bidding clinic! Learnt quite a lot from the seniors during the clinic, I’m so glad I went for NM camp really really really. The seniors are so helpful and nice and willing to guide us!! Yay so grateful to them ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

So I got myself straightened out about all the university/ faculty requirements and got more advice from them ๐Ÿ™‚

Had lunch w my OG then explored NUS a little in hopes of bumping in PJ WHICH DIDN’T HAPPEN SIGH.ย (Anyway it’s so odd that I feel closer to my OG now after the camp than during. I guess things always happen like this?)

Explored NUS = GOT LOST in NUS. And take it from me, NUS is not a good place to get lost in under the blazing sun.

Went home with Keith (from my OG, stays in my condo!) after that – he showed me a new way to go home! But I have forgotten it so oh well.

Met up with Yitong and Melissa after that – more about that in another post!


As you can tell my posts are getting shorter and shorter and more bullet-point like because I wanted to catch up on my life here and it’s already 2plus in the morning AND I NEED SLEEP. So that’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to. Shall try my best to update this place more often but sometimes life really moves too fast!!

Prep for NUS

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