Not sure if you have noticed but recently I’ve been doing a list sorta thing. Due to my lack of updates, I’ve a lot to blog about and I find that having a list really helps!

If you haven’t noticed, here are the two lists I’ve made so far. List 1 and list 2 (hahah ok I know the names are very unoriginal but it’s 2am in the morning and I’m tired okay!)

As you can tell, I’ve been striking off things that I’ve updated about from those lists so yay me many items are struck off already! A bit reluctant to blog about the HK trip and my NM camp because they are SO LONG. But I’ll try anyway, probably later today if I still have the blogging mood! ^^

But anyway here is another list!

  • Movie date with Yam
  • Meeting Ms Shawna Lim
  • Bidding Round 1C
  • FASS O Week
  • Gathering with 08

Less things on the list this time round! ^^ But still O week was horrendously long 😦 So yup see how!


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