It’s been awhile

Haven’t blogged for quite a long time!! Since the last time I’ve finished watching 王子变青蛙 and am now watching Secret Garden. How times have changed!! HAHA. Okay shall try to get my WordPress to catch up with my life ^^

Just checked my calendar (thank goodness for it I wouldn’t be able to remember what I’ve been up to if not for it) and I realise that I haven’t been doing much.. mostly staying at home and watching television with my 婆婆 which explains why I can move on so fast HAHA.

Okay here’s what I have been up to:
1. Driving

2. Visit to the Singapore Flyer with my family

3. Health check up

4. Registration at NUS – I’m now officially a student!!!

5. Watching Secret Garden

6. CNM Bidding Clinic

7. Meeting Melissa and Yitong ^^

8. Dinners! Om nom nom.

9. Ice skating!!

10. NM OG outing


That’s about it! Shall blog about the more interesting things.

And about my NM camp and Hong Kong trip um… maybe next time. So daunting!!

It’s been awhile

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