Perfect Practice makes Perfect

I had my first Girls Hip Hop class today! Oh yes because we graduated from Intro to Hip Hop last week so we can now go for Open classes WOOHOO.

Girls hip hop was really fun 😀 I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the lesson because the choreography was so fun to learn and dance and the instructor was very nice! So yup super enjoyable class!

Totally tooting my own horn here but I’m hoping the few people who will read this won’t think too badly of me because it’s a rare day that I get noticed by other people for dancing!

It happened when Kelly asked the instructor if she could take a video of her doing the dance. And the instructor agreed and said she wanted ‘you’ to dance w her. She pointed in my direction and Hazel was behind me! So naturally I stepped aside for Hazel to take the stage but.. the instructor was asking me to dance! I WAS SO SURPRISED. And really happy because One hip hop hasn’t been my thing since the first intro lesson, Two Hazel is so much better than me and Three I wasn’t that good tbh! But it was quite a bad attempt on my part because I wasn’t ready 😦 So bad video boo. BUT I WAS SO HAPPY. Hehe so happy inside that I had to share it here so that I’ll remember it next time.

Okay about Intro to Hip Hop! It was a 16 week course – 8 weeks for Intro 1 and another 8 for Intro 2. But I missed quite a bit of Intro 2 because.. okay no actually I only missed like two lessons? The first one because I went for the One Direction Tour DVD screening (WHO COULD RESIST MANXZ) and the second because I went to Hong Kong but apparently I didn’t miss that much so yay for me 😀

Intro 1 was frankly… boring. It was like basic basic basic. The instructor was really nice though. Endless patience and encouragement yay for him! Plus he’s a really really good dancer *impressed* So we learnt umm, down bounce and up bounce during the Intro 1. Yup that was basically it. Oh and isolation and zero choreography 😦

Intro 2 was sorta more interesting I guess. Towards the end we learnt some choreo which was really cool! The choreo was hard AND I CANNOT SLOUCH TO SAVE MY LIFE. Anyway I decided some time during Intro 1 that Hip Hop isn’t my thing. So I’m not planning on spending any more money on hip hop lessons because even I recognise a lost cause when I am one. HAHA. But I did enjoy my lessons! Ballet’s just too.. ingrained in me for me to start slouching after almost 14 years (!!!) of being pulled up.

Mostly during Hip Hop Intro I felt.. sorta inferior to Hazel and Kelly I guess. Kelly just has IT idk it’s like I can’t really let loose and flow with the music. Eh no, I can flow hahaha but not the Hip Hop kind of flow yknw what I mean? And Hazel is sexy!! Whereas I look awkward mainly sigh :/

So anyway graduated from Intro Hip Hop already YAY FOR US :D:D I think we all were quite okay actually. I do look awkward but I don’t think I looked too bad (SEE I’M BEING HONEST. Not fishing for compliments ^^ ) So yup.



Oh and I had my first Jazz lesson on Monday at Jitterbugs! FINALLY HAHA. After I skipped the first two lessons (Hong Kong and camp respectively). Jazz was not bad! But I was having a headache so boo ): Then all the stretching probably made the blood rush into my head FUELING THE HEADACHE. So it got worse hahaha. idk if it works that way??

The instructor’s really nice! And funny hahaha I like him yay 😀 Yay to great instructors who inspire 🙂

We learnt a bit of a choreo at the end of the lesson! It was to Dynamite woohoo nice song. BUT TOUGH CHOREO. He taught really fast and idk I’m not used to it I think. JAZZ HANDS HE SAID HAHAHAHA I REALLY WANTED TO LAUGH BECAUSE IT SOUNDS SO HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. But I like.

Jazz also is quite similar to ballet so I felt kinda comfortable with it 🙂 Except the spotting. I could never spot for nuts. But I’m quite glad he’s forcing us to spot, it’ll definitely come in useful for ballet Grade 7 😀


That’s all for my dancing journey so far! ^^ Oh and the title of this post is a quote from the Girls Hip Hop instructor today! I thought it made a lot of sense.

Perfect Practice makes Perfect

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