Nandos Night

Had a pretty marvelous day yesterday. πŸ˜€

Woke up pretty early to go for my dental appointment and to my greatest delight, my dentist noticed that my teeth were becoming crooked!! So she sandpapered it to ‘make space’ so that the teeth would automatically move in. I really hope that that’s the case 😦

Went home to watch ηŽ‹ε­ε˜ι’θ›™ with ny grandma. Bonding time w her ok HAHAHA. But gosh really forgot that it’s such a good show!! I want a dang ou too 😦

Then I fiddled with my yet to be named new Samsung Galaxy S3. Yes I’ve a new phone! Said bye to poor pebbles. Pebbles is the first phone I’ve ever felt so much love towards! Sigh. But one has to roll with the times so I have decided to roll with a S3. Not really used to typing with the touch screen and it kinda gets annoying but I think the pros outweigh the lack of a physical keyboard. Oh and I discovered that this phone has a LED light too!! Hopefully I’ll be able to use it the way I used it for pebbles. It was really useful! Haven’t really decided on a name at the moment. I’m calling it boo for the time being thanks to Melissa. She suggested jt just so she could say that she’s contacting him. -.-

Anyway I arranged to meet PJ at 5.15pm at city hall supposedly after I bought the prettiest cover for boo. But I was late so she ended up going to buy the cover with me! Went back to city hall after that and we both tried Once Upon A Milkshake for the first time. It was really thick, like drinking ice cream! Then we started our story telling session because we had SO MUCH to catch up on w each other!

Rachael came up after that so that we could go pay our o week fees together. I really hope I get sorted into a nice house (oh gosh this reminds me of Harry Potter, only without the sorting hat) Then Rachael went off and PJ and I proceeded back to the basement of Raffles City Shopping Mall to continue catching up ^^ AND SHE FOUND A $10 NOTE. speaking of which, what happened to it PJ. Did you use it to pay for Nandos.

Finished our incredibly thick milkshake and went to Plaza Sing to catch a glimpse of 4minute! We didn’t specially go down to see them! It was a coincidence hahaha so we decided to immerse ourselves in the fangirl atmosphere with Rachael who happened to be there! That was a complete surprise haha. She texted me saying that she was about to catch 4minute so we decided to find her!

Anyway the 4minute thing was such a scam -.- we saw them for like 5 seconds? They bowed a lot and they spoke in Korean, did cute heart shapes w their hands and arms, took pictures and left. The whole appearance took probably about 15 minutes? I was so hoping they’d sing. 😦

Then we heard someone say she saw Vaness Wu so we decided to try our luck and find him. But we failed sigh! No stars for us that day!

Ordered and they said we would have to wait 15-20 minutes for our food 😦 I was dying from hunger urgh. So we did what all girls should do while waiting.


With Boo’s awesome camera ^^

Then our food came and since it was our first time at Nandos,



PJ ordered some burger thing with peri peri fries and a grape drink!



I ordered 1/4 chicken with two sides and an apple drink. The food was really yummy. I can’t wait for Niall to bring me here ^^

Went home after that! Oh and I met my OGmate – Alvyn at the mrt so yep. PJ made a new friend also ^^ SINCE SHE WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT HIM HAHAHA.

It was a really good day. Good company good food woohoo! I need more days like that πŸ™‚

Nandos Night

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