Zoo with Makos

Arranged a date w Makos because it’s our annual thing. HAHA SO BAD RIGHT. Anyway we tend to not talk for pretty much the entire year until one of us takes the initiative to contact the other person then we have our yearly date 😛 Anyway this year we went to the zooooo~

Actually it’s quite hard to blog about a zoo visit. I mean like, it’s quite obvious what we did right -.- WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO AT A ZOO HAHA. But it was nice to catch up w Makos and find out how she was doing in school! The smart girl’s in SUTD woohoo. I’m gna have an architect as a friend.

Ok I’m just gna post photos and comments because I’m lazy like that.

THIS HAPPENED. And I thought of Melissa

We watched The Rainforest Fights Back. And there was an AM who stripped. So yup I quickly snapped a pic 😀 Anw the show was q cool, but I was q scared that the animals would poop on me. Obviously I’m not an animal kinda person. HAHA.


Me and a snake and others

Oh I very bravely held the snake!!!!!! IMMA BRAVE GIRL ZOMG. Hahaha it was quite an interesting feeling. The snake didn’t feel slimy! It was cool to touch and.. weird. AND IT WAS WIGGLINGGGGGG. Weird.


being the SUTD student she is

Oh yeah it was a rainy day that day 😦 So we had to seek shelter! Had lunch at KFC which is SUCH A TOURIST SCAMMING PLACE. There was no Ultimate Value Box so I was quite stunned for a moment. NO IDEA WHAT TO ORDER. Speaking of lunch, I’m quite hungry now. Anyway it stopped raining when we started eating. And starting raining again when we wanted to go play. TALK ABOUT TROLL WEATHER. So Makos took out pen and paper AND STARTED SKETCHING HAHAHAHA. She started a sketching interest group in SUTD. I always feel so inferior compared to her -.- over-achiever much. Smart and leader ttm. Anw I didn’t want to showcase my awesome SOTA worthy skills so I opted to write a letter to her HAHAHA. But gosh her sketches were really good. *envious~

boat ride w makos ~

Went for a boat ride after that. It was quite sian actually. Don’t go for it, not really worth it. But the water was very green. And the trees were very green.


visiting australia in singapore

we went to australia outback! all the kangaroos ~ but we didn’t see any wallabies. 😦 boo.


this is my new fav animal

MEERKATSSSSSSSSSSSSS. We ended our visit to the zoo with a visit to the MEERKAT EXHIBIT. MEERKATS ARE SO CUTE. RIGHT. RIGHT. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because they look like Nichkhun. And Grant Gustin and sorta like Andrew G____ the spiderman guy (obviously not a big fan hahahah). Anyway besides their resemblance to cute guys, meerkats are also cute in their own right. LOOK AT THEIR SENTRY POSITION!! On the lookout for ME. Hehehe. qties ~


Yup so that’s all. Oh yes after the zoo we went to nom on desserts at MOF yum! 😀 Met Rachael’s classmate who’s working there AND SHE GAVE US A DISCOUNT YAY! ^^


That’s all bye!

Zoo with Makos

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