People grow old

Was just watching a couple of Jesse McCartney videos (oh my gosh I love that guy) and it’s quite amusing to see how much he’s grown. SUCH A QT. But really he was mega adorable during the Beautiful Soul era SIGH. Now he’s .. handsome I guess.


Don’t you find that completely adorable. Just realised almost the entire song is sung by him. WHICH EXPLAINS THE CHIPMUNK VOICE HAHAHAHA SO CUTE HE SOUNDS LIKE HE’S ON HELIUM. And idk if’ it’s just me but I find the synchronized dancing HILARIOUS. I mean like, compare it to One Direction’s rotating umm movements.

This is another cute one hehehe.

Anyway I remember I used to have a lot of Dream Street songs! I was mad about them some time in Secondary 3 or 4. THEY WERE SO ADORABLE HAHAHAHA. Except that they disbanded when I was into them -.- How pointless sigh. Anyway my Dream Street songs all went missing.

And if you actually watch the video, you’ll notice one of the guys in a black tank top and an unbuttoned white shirt over it. I USED TO THINK HE WAS VERY HIAO2. Because he liked to shrug off his shirt and let the girlies scream then keep shrugging so the shirt was always like half on half off. SO RIDICULOUS. Kinda obvious who my favourite from Dream Street was right. ^^ I don’t even know who are the rest 😦 I guess I sorta know their names but I can’t match the names to the faces. But I thought another one of them’s quite cute also. Idk which one it is tho. Definitely not the act sexy one.

Oh and I also realise that fangirls are fangirls. WE NEVER CHANGE DO WE HAHAHAHA. I mean like, transport those girls into a 1D concert and it’s practically the same thing. -.-

This is him performing Beautiful Soul. Besides the fact that he looks cute here and sounds good, this is also another funny video. If you watch from 2:25 onwards, he lets his fans sing. AND HE GOES ‘whatchu want’ when the next line is ‘I want you and your beautiful soul’ HAHAHHAHAHA SO BHB OMGGGGG. But I like.

Him performing What’s Your Name. He looks a bit drunk now and idk why he keeps grabbing his jeans. AWKZ MUCH. The backup singers also look very funny.

Anyway there was also Just So You Know era which kinda blends together w Beautiful Soul to me oops. THEN CAME LEAVIN’ OMG IT WAS SUCH A DEPARTURE FROM HIS FIRST TWO ALBUMS. (there was a pun in there wonder if you caught it.)

I really LOVED LEAVIN’. I remember going home after school to listen to it on replay like 1000000x because eeeeeeeks so cute. Yup so the Departure era I guess kinda means no more sweetie pie Jesse 😦 I MISS HIM. Sigh. But still ~ Sexy Jesse. HAHA.

OH AND I LOVE IT’S OVER. I really really did. Actually.. I liked most of his songs. I didn’t like.. Freaky I think. It was too freaky hahahaha.

Then came Body Language which was kinda cool because it taught me other languages.

I sorta forgot about him after that :/

THEN NOW I’M DIGGING UP ALL THE OLD VIDEOS OF HIM AGAIN HAHAHA. So cute. Shake is not bad a song I guess but I want sweetie pie Jesse back I don’t want him gyrating with scantily clad women in fluorescent panties. In case you dk what I’m talking about, here is a video of Shake.

DO YOU SEE WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT 😥 But it’s kinda a catchy song. Quite dancey~


Okay that’s all for my walk down the Jesse lane. Next up, hopefully an update about what I’ve been up to.


People grow old

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