Rock Night 2012



Woke up early this morning thinking about whether or not to go for Jazz because I felt soooo lazy. In the end I still managed to drag myself there WOOHOO. Go Pui San. But it was quite boring 😦 The style was probably lyrical jazz but it was rly rather similar to ballet. AND IT WAS SO SLOWWWW AND BORING. Just found out the song it’s Lionel Richie’s Three Times A Lady. GIVE IT A LISTEN AND MAYBE YOU’LL KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Sigh. I was falling asleep while dancing. It didn’t help that it was such a crowded class that I barely had the space to dance boo 😦

Went home and watched WANG ZI BIAN QING WA with my grandma HAHAHAH. I LOVE THE SHOWWWWWW WOOHOO DANG OU 😀 He’s rly very cute. Then I made the Oreo cheesecake base to prepare for ST’s arrival! And he arrived and he gave me my first ever ONE DIRECTION T-SHIRT (and probably my only hahaha) THANKS ST!! I definitely will wear it. Maybe to our class sleepover/chalet HOHO. So shy ~ And he made cheesecake (sorta). Then he left.

ST hard at work making cheesecake!
Final product! 🙂


Lazed around and idk what I did also HAHA. Watched TV I guess. Until I realised that oops it’s kinda late so I hurried to bathe and got ready to meet ST, Pang and Hazel for dinner! ^^ Early dinner and nom-ed on the cheesecake also (super yummy!!) and then we went to NJ!


NJ oh NJ how I love you 😀 So many memories there gosh I really felt so happy back at NJ SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES. Rushed around and met so many people I love with all my heart.

Jiayi the great dancer woohoo ^^

HE’S SO CUTE HAHAHA HU JIAYI. His dancing skillz wows me all the time. SEXIER THAN ANY OTHER GIRL IN NJ OKAY. So cute hahaha.

XJ! 🙂

Xingjun performed w her friends from AJ! She kept saying that she’s bad but I thought she was not bad but well.. I guess idk hahaha.

love you boys 4evaaaa

One of my best take-aways (hehe da bao) from Orientation 2012 ♥ Love that pic we look so happy in it!!

Ruiiiiii 😀
Ke Xuan, Yu Xuan, Ling Yan!

I think those three girls above are crazy talented. And brave! I mean like they’re only Sec 4 and already they’re performing VOLUNTARILY on stage. Like whoa. I’d never dare to do that. GO GIRLS 😀 So proud of the JH4 Lignum class they’re so adorable 🙂


Rock Night was an AWESOME experience. True the starting groups weren’t good (oops sorry but it’s true) but gosh some of the rest really blew me away. PLUS THEY SANG SONGS I KNOW SO I HAD A KARAOKE SESSION AT THE BACK ROW. Come to think of it, it’s lucky we sat at the back hahaha. Oh yes funny things that happened!

1. One of the boys from one of the bands was removing his um shirt? He was wearing a t-shirt under! AND ST THE PERV SHOUTED ‘BOYS SHOW BOYS SHOW’ HAHAHAHAHAHA WE BURST INTO LAUGHTER OMG. Because he just told us earlier today that he met people in BKK asking him and his friends if they wanted to watch the boys show which was um, explicit material featuring boys. Terrible boy dirrrrrty mind.

2. One of the performers looked like a maid (PJ YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS BUT IT’S TOO MEAN I WON’T SAY HER NAME) and ST said ‘MISS PINOY 2012’ HAHAHA HE’S DAMN BADDDDD. But it was funny. And the performance wasn’t v good oops :/

3. ‘I set fire to the rain .. watch it burn as I TOUCH YOUR FACE’ No idea what the exact lyrics were. BUT STUPID ST SLAPPED MY FACE AT THE LAST LINE WL.

4. ‘What bands do y’all listen to nowadays’
Me: ONE DIRECTIONNNNNNNNNNNN. (and oops it was q quiet then SO EVERYONE HEARD ME) 😦


5. One of the singers sang More Than This + Glad You Came OBVIOUSLY I KNEW ALL THE WORDS AND SANG ALONG. I TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE GRABBED THE MIC FROM HIM. I would have done a better job.


The whole thing was GREAT. We laughed and cheered at the performers and generally we were a great audience. Or so I like to think. HAHA Oopsie ~

Okay. That’s all.

RN ended quite late so here I am back home QUICKLY BLOGGING ABOUT IT! 😀 Yay I’m done.

Rock Night 2012

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