FF: Cake and Other Curses

“And who will you be entering into what is basically a sexless marriage with?”

She downed the last of her drink and shook her head before looking around for more. “It’s not a sexless marriage.”

“Uh-huh. Then what is it?” He looked insufferably smug. Annoying git.

“Two friends sharing a house!” she insisted.

“And going out with only each other. And doing absolutely everything together. Face it, Chubs. You may be so used to each other that there’s no flutter, but you’re mentally married.”

“Did you just call me Chubs?”

“The point, Granger!”

Cake and Other Curses by AkashaTheKitty

This fanfic is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. I read it as my bedtime story. Yup 10 chapters while I was lying in bed. Was really tempted to sleep but THE STORY WAS WAY TOO CUTE. Draco calling Hermione ‘Chubs’ is so so adorable hahaha I’ve never encountered anything like that in my years of reading Dramione fanfic. POINTS TO THIS FIC ALREADY.

The characters are slightly OOC and Hermione is a bit too insecure for my liking but… it all is okay in the end! 🙂 And my heart was aching when Hermione was crying. LIKE WHY CAN’T THEY REALISE THAT THEY ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER SIGH.

Anyway. Read the fic. REAAAAAAAAAD IT. Oh but it requires an account so if you really want to read it.. tell me and I’ll give you my account at dramione.org because everyone should get a chance to read Dramione. IT’S ONLY THE OTP!

FF: Cake and Other Curses

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