Camp Alimento II: Let’s go Marshmellow! (1)

My last update was ages ago and many many things have happened since then! So I’m just gna update sporadically and try to let my WordPress catch up on my life 🙂 One of the things that I was involved in after my job ended was Camp Alimento II.=

Some background on the Camp

Camp Alimento II is organised by Vive!, part of the Seng Kang Youth Executive Committee. Hazel is a part of Vive! and asked me to join her for the camp. The camp caters to kids, from 4 years old to 12 years old and it’s a day camp. The camp was from Friday morning to Sunday evening but it also includes a Day 0 (Thursday) for preparing the logistics required for the camp. Sissy and I were assigned ‘Photographers’ for each group – Michellin and Grande. (It’s a food camp so.. yep that explains the names!)


Day 0

Helped them prepare the stuff for the kids! So we basically cut paper, cut cloth and burnt the edges of said cloth so that it wouldn’t fray. But the end result was rather cute so yay! Worth the battling with the lighter. Hazel came later than us ): BAD HAZEL. Hahaha okay no she was being nice and looking after her sissy. After most of the items were prepared it was.. camp dance time! So we learnt the camp dance and watched the other camp dances. All the dances are rather cute! But the songs have an annoying way of sticking inside your head sigh 😦

We slept shortly after the camp dances. Early night to prepare to Meet the Kids! Oh yeah we slept in our sleeping bags! But we had cushions also :D:D So it was like.. sleeping bag on top of cushions so it was kinda comfy! 😀 At least we weren’t just sleeping on the ground kinda thing.


Day 1

FIRST DAY OF SEEING THE KIDDIESSSSSSSS. :D:D So mega cute some of them. They’re so tiny and short. HAHA. The schedule for day 1 was warm up, station games, camp craft, monopoly game andddd field cooking! Not really field cooking. It was rooftop cooking but I guess it’s about the same haha.

Warm up + learning the camp dance first! So cute how they were trying their best to follow. It’s really nice to see how the kids were really earnestly learning, unlike the self-conscious JC1 Orientees 😦 Everyone gets so worried about their image when they grow up (including me) and it was a really nice change to see these kids letting loose and having fun dancing. Because dancing is really about having fun and expressing yourself! Looking good is just a really big bonus 😀

Kids dancing to On The Floor! 🙂

Station Games were kinda cute! Some games were really easy .. like trying to mix dyes to form pink / green / purple. But some were harder like trying to scrape corn off the cob. HAHA. That game was the messiest and the most disgusting zomg. The room was so smelly after the game!

Camp craft was not bad! The kids in my group (Michellin) made shakers! Two Yakult bottles taped together with bean and rice in it! Oh and the kids got to decorate it with coloured paper as well 😀

Little Winnie hard at work ^^

It was also during camp craft that I realised some of the kids REALLY LIKE TO TAKE PHOTOS HAHA. And they’re really photogenic without even trying. ENVIOUS.

Little Claudia HOW CUTE CAN YOU GET.

The above photo was taken by me BTW. PRO OR NOT HAHA. But the subject had to be good looking as well so yay props to Claudia. SUCH A CUTIE!! She looks so angelic here.. BUT THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH.

Monopoly game was quite cool. They made this enormous board game with an enormous dice. The problem though, was that the waiting time was too long. And the younger children didn’t really understand so they lost interest after awhile. WHICH MEANS PHOTO TIME HAHA.

Sissy and Austin!
Hazel and Austin!

Austin is incredibly cute (and also naughty). CAN’T YOU TELL BY HIS CHEEKY FACE!! And he’s only 4 years old gosh. Omg qt piiiii.

Another cutie is … Kitten. HAHA Okay I’m so sorry but I really dk how to spell his name ): I only know that it’s pronounced as Kitten.. Oopsie.


I think he’s gna grow up to be a really handsome boy. 🙂 (PJ MAY YOUR ZAC BE AS CUTE A KID 😀 )


After the Monopoly game was the field cooking which was actually.. facils cooking. HAHA. The kids just ate -.- They cooked maggie mee, had baked beans and also some satay chicken thing.

What the facils cooked (and a random foot)

After that the kids went home.

And then sissy, Hazel and I went home to sleep also because we were tired and didn’t wna sleep at the CC 😛



Hahaha I realised that the post looks very long because of the pictures. HOORAY FOR PICS. The entire post is actually less than 1000 words ^^

I’m gna continue Day 2 and 3 in another post! 🙂 Toodles!

Camp Alimento II: Let’s go Marshmellow! (1)

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