Up All Night Tour DVD Screening

23 May was such an exciting day I was so mega looking forward to it. Because 23 May was the screening of the One Direction Up All Night Tour DVD!! :D:D:D We were the first in the umm world/Asia (I forget which) to watch the DVD so that’s rather cool. But not really important to me. What mattered more was that I saw my boys on this huge screen and it was so like a real concert.

The only thing missing was the boys. 😦 BUT THE DVD WAS GOOD TOO HAHA. And it was the first time I did something so 1D related in public. Doing the 1D scrapbook thing kinda doesn’t count because we did it under a veil of anonymity (ok it did have our faces on it but still, not counted).

I took a half day leave from work because we wanted to get good seats so.. we figured that we’d have to be early and queue! Oh oops I forgot to say. I went with PJ my fellow Directioner hehe. WHO ELSE WOULD I GO WITH RIGHT. The doors were supposed to open at 6.30pm and the screening to start at 7.30pm.

I met PJ at Vivo to have lunch! We initially wanted to get Subway so we could eat it while we queued (as you can tell, we expected a hugeee crowd of XMMs). But SQ (mei’s friend who’s a hugeee Directioner) said that most people were going between 3-4pm so we figured we could have a quick sit-down lunch instead of slumming it in the queue.

Took the RW8 bus to Resorts World Sentosa after our 30 minutes lunch (it really was only about 30 minutes. SO QUICK HAHA).

Waiting for RW8 (Take 1)
Waiting for RW8 (Take 2)

Can you spot the difference in the two pictures? 😀

To our greatest delight, the bus deposited us right in front of the Festive Grand Theatre where the screening was to be held!!! :D:D:D And there was no queue, surprise surprise! Upon closer inspection we realised that there was a sign in bold capital letters reading: QUEUE STARTS AT 4PM. Or something like that. We were quite dismayed ): Because we were like the first 150 people there!!! And it was only around 2.30pm boo!

So we sat around and went to the toilet and then wandered back to the area outside the Theatre because we didn’t want to miss anything. AND SURE ENOUGH THE SIGN LIED. They allowed us to queue at around 3.40pm. THEY LIEDDDDDDD. But whatever we were there anyway HEHE. But the girls there omg DAMN SCARY. Once we could queue, they RUSHED ALL THE WAY IN IT WAS SO SCARYYYY. They pushed and shoved and squeezed their way in just so that they would be the first ones in the queue. A little frightened by the action, PJ and I lingered slightly further back and ended up as like.. the second last group of people in the queue. ^^ But still we were in the first section of the queue. WHICH WAS COOL.

After standing for less that 10 minutes we decided to be pioneers and sit on the floor. Because they can’t expect us to stand for the next 3 hours right! So with our pioneering experience from NJ (story another day) we sat on the floor knowing that people definitely would follow us in awhile. But before our bottoms could even warm the floor, the security lady came by and said no sitting!! D: D: So I was quite sad because STANDING FOR THREE HOURS IS NOT MY THING.

A while later we saw people dropping like flies to the ground.

Nah I kid. People started to sit on the floor (OH THE UNFAIRNESS OF IT ALL!!) Then the same security lady came to us again and said to us, ‘If you’re tired, you can sit’ You can imagine our reaction -.- I figure that it’s probably because we weren’t considered tired enough to sit just now. At least we got to sit in the end so I’m not complaining!

But sitting also has its troubles. Especially in such a confined space 😦 Luckily (for once says PJ) I have short legs. So even in the small space I managed to stretch my legs HAHA. So we eavesdropped and talked and listened to music and… waited.

SQ came about an hour before the doors opened but it was a bit challenging for her to come over to where we were (plus it was way too cramped for three people to sit, if she joined us we’d all have to stand). So we shooed her away and she went to an eatery to do some homework. Such a good girl, skipping school to do homework. Haha!

We asked her back before the doors opened so we could go in together 😀

Oh yes BT arrived and the girls were screaming for him as well. I’m sorry but I really can’t think of him as a celebrity oopsie daisy.

There were many random outbursts of high pitched screaming from the other fangirls way before we were allowed in. We were quite bemused by them. And annoyed because it was hurting our ears 😦 Then finally finally finally they allowed us in.


We went in and… waited somemore. They were showing some advertisements onscreen though. The sequence was kind of like this: Advert for RWS + Advert for RWS + Advert for RWS (featuring a bling-ed high heel) + A ONE DIRECTION MV!! They played WMYB, One Thing and a performance version of Gotta Be You. IT WAS HILARIOUS OMG HAHAHAHA. Like SQ says ‘I watch this on Youtube everyday!!!!’ Her tone was super funny. The girls around us were screaming while watching the videos. WHICH IS RATHER STRANGE. As if they’ve never seen the videos before -.- They screamed when WMYB started playing and at every other scene when something moderately exciting is going on (eg Harry flips his hair *AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!*)

After awhile PJ said ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ so she gave a few half hearted yells for the sake of it. SQ’s reaction was even better. She took out her homework!!! And I think she really managed to write a few lines. So that’s quite impressive hahaha.

Proof that SQ was doing homework!

Finally finally finally the music videos stopped screening and BoyThunder (DJ at 91.3FM) appeared wearing.. a striped top and red pants. No prizes for guessing who he was trying to emulate. Not that I dislike him! I do appreciate his efforts in trying to get the fans closer to their idols. But some of his actions (and perhaps his behaviour in general) disgusts me.

For example, I see no point in dressing up like Louis for the screening. I get that he was maybe trying to get into the mood of it and that imitation is the best form of flattery.. but that isn’t a look that works for everyone. Especially not guys who look (rather) old and act (quite) young and look like ah beng wannabes with their dyed hair. Okay I sound really mean but.. if one judges purely by looks.. he isn’t much to write home about.

Also another thing that made me feel extremely extremely grossed out was this Oath thing that he came up with and made all the girls recite before watching the show. PJ and I, being intelligent 18 year olds kept our mouths shut because really, some things should never be spoken aloud. Fangirling is fangirling, but being so gross and perverted is just… sick.

Oh I found it. It is (rather badly named IMO) the Oath to Ovaries. I don’t even know where to begin with a title like that. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind recite an OATH to OVARIES. By definition, an oath is a ‘solemn, formal declaration or promise to fulfill a pledge, often calling on God, a god, or a sacred object as witness’ (taken from freedictionary.com). So according to that definition of an oath, they are essentially making a promise to their ovaries..? Or should we interpret it as them making a promise with their reproductive organs (a sacred object..? I suppose it is rather important for procreation and the continuity of human life) as witness. EITHER WAY IT IS JUST WEIRD.


This so-called oath has way too many dubious points that I would love to share my opinions on. But I’ll save that for another post. You can only imagine my disgust, shock and horror when these young girls are happily reciting with this MAN, promising to ‘allow [their] ovaries to explode’.

I am not going to spend any more time on this oath in this perfect 1D night. So moving on..

As expected the tour DVD was AWESOME. Watching it felt like we were in a concert!! We were jumping around and shouting along (it really cannot be termed as singing) and generally having a really good time. I’m so glad I spent that special special day w my favourite Directioner HAHA.

I do not deny reaching towards the screen occasionally when Niall starts singing. He’s so adorableeeeee. I LOVE YOU BABY PLEASE COME TO FIND ANYTIME NOW. I’M WAITING ~

I really don’t understand how it is possible for five ridiculously handsome boys to be so miraculously put together, become friends and become incredibly famous together. Of course, they’re talented to boot 😀

It was SO AMAZING watching them on a huge screen (surrounded by other screaming (younger) fangirls). The feeling’s completely different from say, watching on my computer screen or watching on TV. But we weren’t able to focus on all the small details so… we’re definitely gna watch the DVD again! WOOHOO. Can’t wait 😀

Up All Night Tour DVD Screening

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