Tales from Expo

I’ve been working at the Food Expo for the past two days. In fact, I’m on the way there now. As in every retail / sales job, there are plenty of stories to tell.

Here are some interesting experiences I’ve had over the past two days! ^^

1. The stereotypical Singaporean aunties
They are so so irritating!!!! They keep asking for freebies and some of them don’t even buy a lot. I mean, if they bought a lot, I’d happily give them the freebies but noooo. I remember one of them only bought a small packet of beans (50 cents) and she asked for a recyclable bag. We don’t usually give out the recyclable bags because they’re expensive and we don’t have a lot. So usually the customers are only given a bag if they buy the more expensive items. But that particular customer kept insisting that she’s a regular customer so there wasn’t much we could do.

There was another customer who … didn’t buy a lot I think. And she was already given two freebies. Yet she kept asking for more!!! She wanted something that we were SELLING for $4. Talk about unreasonable. She insisted that she was given that last year. And my auntie said that ‘Umm that was last year, we’re not giving it out this year.’ After awhile the customer said ‘不给就不给,将这么多做什么。是你们吝啬’ I was completely flabbergasted. I mean, we already gave her two bottles of sauce (way more than she deserved IMO) and explained that what she wanted wasn’t something we could give her. So completely unreasonable AND STRANGLE WORTHY.

There were quite a few customers that really made me want to elbow them. But the customer is always wrong right. How untrue urgh.

2. The free samples
You really can have a meal without paying here. There were many stalls giving out free samples. So a stroll around the exhibition would probably fill you up.
I really like the Prima (I think) instant lakes / curry chicken!!! Super yummy. Hahaha but I didn’t even take it myself. My aunt and another employee took it for me.

3. The SMELL
Is quite quite terrible. You wouldn’t smell it there of course. But once you’ve spent some time (or like an entire day) there, THE SMELL WILL CLING TO YOU. It was everywhere zomg. My hair, clothes, even my bag. Terrible terrible. Even after I bathed the smell was still there 😥 oh the smell is caused by all the cooking (as mentioned above, the free samples and they also sell cooked food there) indoors. All the smells from the food are trapped in the hall and … Not very pleasant.

The rest are isolated incidents.

4. There was a customer who was asking me about some of the sauces. And since I wasn’t very sure about what I was saying, I called my daddy over to take over. I was like ‘Daddy. Daddaaaaaaye’. Then the customer (probably around 40 years old) referred to my dad as ‘Daddy’ as well. Now that I’m typing it out it sounds completely weird and creepy. Anyway the jokes about how my dad must be quite old ensued (as expected)

5. Early on Sunday there was a family of three who came to buy stuff. While my dad was doing his sales thing, the dad was talking to me. A condensed version of our conversation:
– he said I look like my dad. Which is rather cool becos he managed to guess that we were father and daughter purely from that! Usually people comment on the resemblance between my mum and me.
– he said I look like a social worker -.- -.- like I told PJ, idk if I should take it as a compliment hahaha! The conversation went something like that:
Him: Are you still schooling?
Me: Yup. I’m waiting to start University.
H: Oh what are you going to study?
M: Arts and Social Science at NUS.
H: That’s good! What are you planning to concentrate on?
M: I’m not sure yet. Just going to go there and see what appeals to me!
H: Oh, if you like to help people you can do social work .. That’s good .. YOU LOOK LIKE THAT TYPE.

HAHA I was quite stunned. Who evaluates people like that manxz. Especially when I am just a cashier to him and he has no idea what kinda person I am. I could be an incredibly evil and narcissistic person. But obviously I’m not because I’m kind and generous and OK HAHA WHO AM I KIDDING.

But nice friendly customers (who compliment me) make my day! ^^

6. There was this really really really naughty girl running around. She actually ran into our booth and attempted to rip off the plastic covering the keyboard thingy on the cash register. AND SHE STEPPED ON MY SHOE. *incredulous*
So I complained to my daddy. And my aunt speculated that she’s hyperactive. But whatever. Her parents should chain her to them or something.
The girl was running around (in a crowd) again and he went up to her and pinched her lightly on the arm. HAHAH. she gave a confused squeal.
She deserved it okay. So mischievous zomg.
And it sounds really mean but it’s quite hilarious. And I’m sure it didn’t hurt much.

That’s about all for tales from expo (Friday and Sunday).
Off to start my last two (smelly) days!

Tales from Expo

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