An Update about my Brave Attempt

Yesterday night was quite a peaceful night because both my parents were going to go home late. So I was quite happy and yknw… false security.

But then my mother came home and I decided that it was time to face the music. I really didn’t want to, but it was something I felt that I had to do. I’ve realised that I’m the kind of person who really really rather avoid confrontation. Unless it’s something I feel quite strongly about or unless you’re insulting my friends. But other than that I rather hide or run away and hope everything blows off. But this matter didn’t seem like it was going to going away on its own accord so I took a deep breath and walked into my parents’ room.

I said to my mother ‘Hi um do you want to continue the conversation from this morning?’ SHE GAVE ME A WAY OUT. She asked if I thought we should. I was so tempted to say no and run away. But then it was the lack of communication that led to the Grand Canyon between us so I decided that maybe it was time to build a bridge.

So we talked. Or rather, she talked at me. If you wanted to put a number to it.. I’d say I contributed about 10% of the conversation. But at least she got everything out of her system (hopefully) and I know what’s bothering her (my behaviour actually, not only regarding the uni applications, I didn’t even know I was that bad!) and she sort of knows why I was behaving the way I did.

A lot of what she said seemed quite irrelevant to the matter at hand but.. she was on a roll and who was I to stop her?

But I think we’re okay now. Probably still a little shaky but it takes time and I’m definitely going to watch my attitude and make sure she won’t be able to find fault in me (at least for the next couple of weeks)

GO ME AND MY BRAVE ATTEMPT. Was immensely proud of myself ^^

An Update about my Brave Attempt

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