On 1D Fans

Here are some things about One Direction fans that I don’t understand.

[Warning: this post may be interpreted as quite hypocritical and I probably fall into the categories once in awhile. Hence everything said here should be taken with a pinch of salt]

There are fans and then there are Fans. Similarly, there are Directioners and Directionaters.


On tumblr I see how some fans are like ‘You don’t know Louis’ sisters’ names? SHAME ON YOU.’ or ‘Omg I love Ben Devine. You don’t know who he is? SHAME ON YOU.’ (FYI Ben Devine is Josh Devine’s brother. And Josh Devine is the drummer of the band that plays for One Direction. Scary much.)

I mean like, SERIOUSLY?! Do you have to know every single thing about the boys (even the name of their hairstylist’s baby daughter) to be considered a real fan? To me, that’s just plain creepy. I know I’m being hypocritical since I happen to know all that but then again, I’m not the one who goes out of her way to find out all these rather personal information about the boys (and the people who surround them).

How some fans are mocked just because they don’t know enough (i.e. everything) about the boys makes me feel quite sad. To me, as long as you enjoy the music and like the boys, you’re considered a fan. There’s really no need to know the smallest details about them because that’s basically stalking.

I think that knowing their schedule is fine. Knowing which country they’re in is okay. After all, it’s information that can be easily obtained if you check their concert schedule. But a line still has to be drawn somewhere. I mean like, we should at least give them some privacy.


And then there are the fans who are so proud of being in a fandom who knows goes out of their way to stalk the boys. Um I’m just wondering if these people have a life outside of One Direction? I get that a lot of them practically eat sleep breathe 1D but that is NOT HEALTHY. (Again, I speak for myself.)

Can’t they understand that it’s just plain weird and creepy and stalkerish and perhaps the boys may not like having everything about them splashed all over the cyber world?


Some of the fans are really protective over the boys.

Big Bang won the ‘Best Fan’ category for MTV Italy TRL Awards 2012. Anddddd 1D was also nominated for the same award. And some of the Directioners apparently went on some Big Bang bashing spree after the announcement of the winners. I DON’T GET THIS. Can’t they be gracious fans and accept that 1D cannot win all the awards in the world?! It’s so immature of them. You win some, you lose some.

I get that One Direction probably has one of the biggest and most dedicated fandoms at the moment and that almost everybody has heard of them but perhaps it’s time for some of the fans to come down from their pedestal and realise that there are in fact other fandoms in the world who have just as much love for their idols as the Directioners.


And this is why sometimes I feel quite.. ashamed to say that I’m a Directioner thanks to those who give the rest of the (relatively) sane Directioners a bad name.

That’s all I can think of now. Toodles pip off to tumblr and reblog One Direction pictues.

On 1D Fans

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