A Superficial List because I’m a Girl

I was thinking of all the things I want to do / I want to have. And I realise… THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS! Some rather unreachable but still it’s something I want.

So here’s my Want list (in no particular order):

  • New pointe shoes
  • Another leotard (because I’m greedy like that)
  • More pretty clothes!
    Every time I open my cupboard I stare at my clothes for really long.. and end up pulling out the same clothes to wear -.-
  • A nice cozy room to use as a library for my books.
    I’ll have armchairs. Or maybe not. Not that comfy actually. Maybe I’ll put a bed there HAHA. I like reading on my bed. And some beanbags because they’re so fun! And shelves and all my books of course 😀 And a drawer for bookmarks (or receipts or scrap paper because that’s what I end up using as my bookmarks anyway)
  • To be able to eat and never get fat!
    HOW INCREDIBLE WOULD THAT BE OMG. Wish come true really. Actually tbh now I’m eating as if I’ll never get fat. WHICH IS TURNING OUT NOT TO BE THE CASE. All the desserts in the world.. sigh.
  • To know what I want to do in life
    (See how I throw in this deep and philosophical thought in the middle of my superficial wants)
  • To earn a lot a lot of money and be happy
    Is it possible to be rich and happy at the same time? Poor little rich girl. Happy little poor girl. I always hear about how the rich are not really happy and how the poor may be happier. It’d be so nice to be rich and happy at the same time.
  • To paint my nails a pretty colour!
    (Back to being superficial)
  • Pretty shoes and bags and EVERYTHING HAHAHAHAHA.
  • To go overseas and experience life outside of Singapore
  • To bake yummy stuff (for Niall)
  • Go to a One Direction concert then Niall will notice me and we’ll fall in love and we’ll get married and omg I love you Niall.
  • Really nice hair.
    HAHAHA I REALLY WANT EH. Like nice colour and highlights and length and most importantly IT MUST COVER UP THE FACT THAT I HAVE A ROUND FACE.
  • To know how to drive
  • Time
    To hang out with my friends
    To laze around and do nothing
    To watch movies
    To play
    To live the life of a carefree teenager 😀
  • To dance on stage; TO PERFORM.
  • A talent, or at least, something I’m really good at
    I wna be like Melissa who seems so confident (sometimes) and Jomain who seems so comfortable in her own skin (all the time, maybe because she’s pretty)
    Then my friends will go ‘but you can dance!’ which is true. I can dance, but I can’t Dance. There’s a huge difference. I’m still learning to Dance and hopefully one day I’ll succeed. 🙂
  • Confidence
    In my really superficial moments (which is rather often) I think that as long as I’m skinny, I’ll be more well liked. I’ll have more friends and I’ll be pretty and popular and everything will go well as long as I’m skinny. Don’t get me wrong, I know these are really bad thoughts to have and it’s thoughts like this that turns normal healthy girls to girls who are anorexic which is bad really bad. But still I can’t help but think that way ): My mum said (long ago when she was scolding me about something) that I’m the kind of person who needs to be liked.. and that’s true.
  • To be a princess.
    Actually I don’t need to be royalty la.  (Please read in Singaporean accent.) I’m fine with being Niall’s princess as well ^^ In fact I prefer it. HAHAHAHA.

Okay I’m done ~

Eh no I’m not. Economics states that there are unlimited wants. OBVIOUSLY I HAVE MANY MORE WANTS. But.. I cannot think of them off-hand. So yup that’s all for today. Above you have a list of both superficial and not so superficial things, all the things I want.

So if you can get it for me.. well… I wouldn’t complain that’s for sure ^^

A Superficial List because I’m a Girl

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