Of lonely lunches

I’m back from another lonely lunch ): I can’t decide if I like lunchtimes or not. On one hand, it’s nice to take a break from work and just walk around. Most importantly fill up my tummy. On the other hand, it’s the time when my loner status is re-affirmed (DAY AFTER DAY).

This week has been the worst week. I’ve had lunch on my own every single day. Last week wasn’t so bad because my cousins took pity on me and had lunch with me for two days. So three days alone wasn’t so bad. But this week I didn’t want to bother them sooooo lonelygirl93.

Having lunch alone is okay, it’s not really that bad actually. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit quietly and people watch. But not everyday. Not when all around you are people in groups, people in pairs, basically people NOT ALONE. Then I feel alone in a crowd of people. Like there’s some invisible forcefield keeping people away from me. Like I’ve a cartoon sign above me pointing at me saying ‘HEY HERE’S A LONER’.

So a few days ago I brought a book out for lunch. My lunchdate; Anthony Horowitz…..’s books.  But it wasn’t very easy holding a novel in a hand and trying to eat with one hand. And I also realised that it emphasised my lonely status even more. Before I brought my book out I used to read my Twitter timeline during lunch. But there are only so many tweets people can tweet from 9am to 1pm so I got bored really quickly.

I also face the problem of not being sure what to eat. 😦 Shall do a lunchtime schedule now. Because there aren’t so many days left to my last day of work! ^^ 1 June is my last day of work so that means I have 10 days of work left. I’m taking leave to help my daddy out at the Food Expo so that’s three days gone. 7 days of lonely lunches! Minus one more day because I’m most probably going to take a half day to go watch the screening of the One Direction Tour DVD. 6 DAYS OF LONELY LUNCHES. Then I’m gna ask my cousin out for lunch on one of the days so that’s another day gone. 5 DAYS OF LONELY LUNCHES. That would mean another 5 days of feeling like this week D: BUT STILL. Five days only. Perhaps I should find a way to persuade my mum to come over to my work area to have lunch with me. THEN I WOULD BE LEFT WITH FOUR DAYS.

Let’s go I can do this.

Of lonely lunches

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