Of little princesses and circus acts

I was thinking about what to blog about. Because life seems kinda boring at the moment. I go to work, come home, watch Forensic Heroes 3 (highlight of my weekdays) then sleep. Bathing and having dinner are activities that are sandwiched somewhere in between. I occasionally have exciting days that differ from my daily routine. Oh Wednesdays are different from the rest of the week! But every Wednesday is the same I guess. I rush down to Dhoby from work to meet Hazel and Kelly. We have a quick dinner then go for hip hop. After that we catch a bus to Thomson Plaza and I go home. So in a single paragraph, I have covered more or less what I do 5 days in a week. Yet I’m still here! Because I thought of something to blog about. Last weekend was absolutely CRAZY. No time for myself, no time for my family, no time for ANYTHING but Jitterbugs Wanna Dance. 

But first let me interrupt this post with a picture of my favourite boy:

 Okay now I shall continue.

I’m not sure if I blogged about this before. Basically, Hazel sent me an email forwarded from her friend. Jitterbugs was having their annual concert and needed volunteers to be the backstage support for the show. In return, the volunteers get eight free lessons. So being the a typical Singaporean, I agreed.

The first meeting was a Wednesday after our hip hop lesson. They just described what we were supposed to do and what they expected of us. It was then revealed to us that we were supposed to look after/dress the kids for the kids show! So we wer more or less like babysitters. Just a rather short and brief briefing (hahaha I had to say it!!) But still it ended rather late so Hazel and I ended up taking a cab back to Thomson. 

The second time was the kids full dress rehearsal at the Jitterbugs studio on Labour Day. I was the lucky one I guess..? I’m not sure if you could say that. Because most of the volunteers (henceforth known as dressers) were looking after the multiples (AKA the kids who are in more than one item), while I was all alone TRAPPED WITH 25 KIDS. I guess the kids were okay. Most of them were really little. I had the ballet babies (the girls were all around 4-7 years old!!), the ballet girls (they were all grade 1 – 2 so slightly older?), the circus kids (also rather young, oldest probably 10?) and the acrobatics kids. It was my first time facing a bunch of kids all alone and being in charge of them was rather scary ): But thank goodness their teachers were in and out of the studio so they really helped a lot! ^^ But these kids are really scary and flexible my goodness. They could do splits, cartwheels, forward rolls and all the things I completely have no clue how to do. Okay not no clue how to do, more like no facility to do it at all. It was really tiring spending the entire day with them sigh. Labour Day really lived up to its name for me this year D: 

After that we had a nice break from Jitterbugs before the actual event. Last weekend was the Jitterbugs weekend!


Adults full dress rehearsal! Wayyyy more relaxing because it was adults we were dealing with so no need to look after them etc. All we had to do was inform them to get ready and just stand around and help out. But still it ended at 10plus D: Got home at 11plus sigh!


THE ABSOLUTE WORST DAY OUT OF ALL THE THREE I TELL YOU. We had to report at 8am and the date was going to end at 11pm. It was the kids full dress rehearsal followed by the adults show. Thankfully for the kids rehearsal they split them up into kids before the interval and kids after. So I didn’t have to deal with all 25 of them at the same time! ^^

I don’t remember much about the kids show actually. Just that it was INCREDIBLY DRAINING. You have no idea (until  you try it) how tiring it is to get kids to behave when all they want to do is run around and scream and do whatever kids do nowadays. There were some good ones of course. The kids who brought their books and PSPs and other devices usually sat quietly against the wall and read/played. I LOVED THEM. The others were doing cartwheels and handstands in the tiny tiny room. I almost got kicked in the face.

Finally the kids were gone and we had some time to recharge before the adults show. So Hazel, another volunteer and I went down to Hans to get cakes to nom on. Then we came back to realise that they ordered PIZZA. I never say no to pizza. NEVER. So I ate it as well ): I think I put on like 2kg after that day.

The adults show went well I think? There was a little technical hiccup at the start where they played the wrong music for the circus act. But the performers covered it up really well! I didn’t even know the wrong music was being played until everyone started saying ‘omg wrong music’ ‘oh no how wrong music’. Yay to them 😀

The ballet item was SO GOOD. It wasn’t taken out of a ballet, but the music was. I don’t remember which ballet the music was from. :/ Nutcracker maybe, according to Hazel who admits that the knowledge comes from Barbie movies.  Not that I’m mocking it!! I like the Barbie ballet movies. I remember watching the Nutcracker one and the Twelve Danicng Princesses one! 😀 I was so envious though. I so wanted to be part of it. To be one of the dancers on stage sigh ): I knew all the steps! Not the choreography of course. I mean, I’ve done all the steps in class before :/ I really hope Ms McCully will be having a concert this year AND that I’ll be dancing in it. Because a large part of me wants my family and my friends to see what I dedicate my entire weekend to. I want them to say ‘Hey you dance well!’ I want them to realise that ballet is in every step I take, in every dance I learn. Please let it come true 😦

Was completely exhausted (I think you get the idea by now) after the end of the show. But it was a good show! And the crew had a curtain call woohoo. Kelly and Shina were planning such elaborate entrances but we ended up just walking onto the stage and bowing. HAHA. Oh wellz ~


Was the ‘real show’. HUNDREDS (a rough estimate) of kids all together backstage at the Drama Centre = barely controlled chaos. All 25 of my kids in the same tiny tiny room at the same time = NOT GOOD AT ALL. But somehow I survived it with my sanity and temper barely intact.

Most of the day was spent answering questions like ‘When’s it our turn?’ ‘What item’s on now?’ ‘Can I go to the toilet?’ ‘Can we go out and play pleaseeeee’ ‘Can we watch? Why can’t we watch?’ It drove me NUTS. I wanted them to just sit down and be little statues but I don’t think that would have been a game they’d have enjoyed sigh! 

Some memorable moments of the day:

  • I had to bring my little princesses to do their makeup! Because they’re so little I don’t think they really understand what I was saying. Also, I was really worried one of them would get lost if they just followed me. So I made them stand in a line and put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. Oh I remember!! When I said ‘Okay put your hands on your shoulders!’ THEY REALLY DID THAT HAHAHA SO FREAKING ADORABLE. Their little confused faces omggg cute!! So I had to correct myself hahaha oopsie daisy.
    Then I had the first person in the line put her hand on my hips (BECAUSE THEY WERE THAT TINY) and we went ‘Choo-choo!!’ HAHAHAHA CUTE OR WHAT MANXZ. And it worked ^^ I transported them safely from the dressing room to the makeup line woohoo! ^^
  • I spoke to the Jitterbugs’ ballet teacher! Told her I’m at Ms McCully’s and it turns out that she was Ms McCully’s student. Whoa ~ it’s so cool that Ms McCully’s students are now teachers also. Anyway she mentioned that Ms McCully actually asked her if she could help teach us because our class was way too big! But she couldn’t because the classes timings couldn’t fit into her schedule.
  • Three of the older girls (from the circus performance) were practically DYING from boredom. I guess I could understand. They were trapped in the room with kids they thought were babies and didn’t have anything to entertain themselves with. So I lent them my phone to play with. My wallpaper when they saw it happned to me the picture of me, rui and ST. So being nosy kids they asked who the guys were! I knew they were gna do something so I told them ST’s name since he wouldn’t mind nonsense ^^ Then they texted him all sorts of things and somehow arranged a date for us to watch Avengers at Pasir Ris HAHA. But ST stopped replying after awhile and they got bored D: So they started texting other people (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RED ALERT) Luckily it was my cousin they texted about another date (-.-) so he was quite understanding about it! I took my phone back shortly after that. They were getting too dangerous! 
  • Curtain call time was quite um, anti climatic again after the plans they were talking about backstage.

So that’s the end of my Jitterbugs weekend! I went to work half alive on Monday and only managed to recover on Tuesday. That’s how draining it was!

Toodles that’s all for Jitterbugs weekend.

To reward you for reading so far, here’s another picture:



Bye! 😀

Of little princesses and circus acts

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