Sissy’s CO Concert

My darling sissy / mei / whatever name I come up for her had her first (and probably last) CO concert on 5 May! She plays the cello in CO which I think is rather cool! It’s not a typical CO instrument (at least, I wouldn’t think of a cello when you say CO)

Anyway I’m rather proud of her because she completely had no idea how to play a cello and like wow now here she is participating in a CO concert!! But okay she did have to ‘fake it’ for a couple of songs. 😛 Still very impressed by her though! YOU ROCK SISSY! 😀

The concert itself was okay..? I couldn’t really see mei because she’s too short. But the point of a concert is to listen (I suppose) and my hearing was fine~ Hahaha. My favourite was the medley of songs from Disney and the Lion King medley! It was cool how all the traditional Chinese instruments could play Western music as well.


Okay forget it idk what to say already! But I enjoyed the concert. According to my brother’s CO friends AJCO didn’t play well but.. I’m sure they did their best! Especially my sissy ^^

Going for my brother’s band concert tomorrow evening! Sigh I can’t wait for the time when my siblings will be going for a dance concert I’m in! D:

Sissy’s CO Concert

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